Phil, The Honorable Cop

One of the most honorable and humble people I have ever know is a man that I was able to work with for over 10 years. Before I worked with him I observed him during my childhood as his parents house was down the street from me and across the street from my friends house. I remember seeing him pull up in his squad car, a very dashing and good looking guy--no I am not gay-- who always waved to us kids and always seemed to have a smile on his face. I didn't have any run-ins with him as a kid but I know that if I did they would have been worthy experiences as this man perpetuated the term honorable and humble. A little background ...Read more [.....]

P1 Interactive: Cops and citizens partner to prevent parole for Ill. cop killer

Your help is keeping this piece of garbage in prison the rest of his life is greatly appreciated. He should have been fried many years ago and saved taxpayer money! Numerous witnesses saw Henry Gargano stand over two wounded officers' bodies and "fire several bullets," killing them both In less than one week, Henry Michael Gargano has a hearing for ‘special reconsideration’ to be released from prison. Don’t feel bad if you don’t know who that is. Most police officers today weren’t even born — and certainly weren’t police officers — when, during the commission of a 1967 bank robbery, Gargano and two other ...Read more [.....]

As 78-year-old cop killer faces parole hearing, system faces costs of elderly prisoners

This guy is even lucky he is alive! Oh, those bleeding hearts will always be that way until one of their family members is murdered by a lowlife.... Inmate put behind bars after 1967 bank robbery shootout Today, Henry Michael Gargano is a 78-year-old rare-coins expert who has suffered two heart attacks, contends with emphysema and takes at least 12 medications. He also is a cop killer, bank robber and two-time prison escapee who had been scheduled to be paroled on Sept. 3 from a federal penitentiary. Now, his release is uncertain. Opposition from the Northlake Police Department, which lost two officers in ...Read more [.....]


This is reprinted from an email I received. This situation is ridiculous to say the least!!! We have it hard enough out there doing our jobs, protecting communities, taking scum off the streets, so that others could live without fear.   This Officer was doing his job. In Oct 2006, the offender and another teenager were shooting out car windows when they shot out the car window of an off duty Park Ridge Police Officer's vehicle with a projectile. The off duty Police Officer and responding units chased the two offenders, when one of the offender's decided to run and resist arrest. The offender was charged ...Read more [.....]

Ga. deputy killed by suicidal gunman

REENE COUNTY, Ga. — Chief Deputy Kevin Roberts was shot and killed at his home by the target of a narcotics investigation the sheriff's office was undertaking. The subject had gone to his home and knocked on the door at about 8:30 am on a Sunday morning. When Chief Deputy Roberts answered the door he was fatally shot by the man, who then killed himself. Chief Deputy Roberts had served with the Greene County Sheriff's Office for 10 years. He had a total of 30 years of law enforcement experience and had previously served with the Union Point Police Department and Greensboro Police Department. He is survived by ...Read more [.....]

NC gang files complaint against city cops

The Latin Kings street gang says the department's gang unit has repeatedly harassed them GREENSBORO — Local leaders of the Latin Kings street gang have filed a federal civil rights complaint against the Greensboro police, alleging repeated harassment by the department's gang unit. Jorge Cornell, the local leader of the Latin Kings, and attorneys from the Southern Coalition for Social Justice, accuse the department of violating the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The act prohibits discrimination based on race, color and national origin by any program that receives federal money. They filed the complaint Saturday with ...Read more [.....]

Bystanders rescue man from fiery wreck on South Side

A city water management worker on his way to an overnight shift late Sunday rescued a man whose pickup truck slammed into a metal bridge support beam and burst into flames in the Brighton Park neighborhood, police said. Just before 11 p.m., Daniel Green, 36, an emergency crew dispatcher for the Department of Water Management, was stopped at the eastbound traffic light on Pershing Road at Western Avenue when a northbound Ford F150 crashed into a support beam. Within a minute, the truck was engulfed in flames, said Green. "I didn't really pay attention until he hit the pole," said Green in the parking ...Read more [.....]