Law Enforcement Fatalities Spike in 2010

The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund will release its annual Law Enforcement Officer Fatality Research Bulletin on Tuesday December 28. The report will show a significant increase in the number of law enforcement officer fatalities from 2009 to 2010. This devastating surge in officer deaths is discouraging following 2009, when fatalities decreased 16 percent; the lowest number of line-of-duty deaths since 1959.

The trend of multiple fatality shootings continued in 2010 with brutal, ambush- style “cluster killings” targeting officers. Nearly 20 percent of this year’s shooting fatalities – 10 to date – occurred in just five incidents in which one or more officers were gunned down by the same offender (Fresno, CA; San Juan, PR; West Memphis, AR; Tampa, FL; Hoonah, AK).

As of December 20, 154 law enforcement officers had died from all causes, a 40 percent increase from 2009 with 110 fatalities on the same date.

This year auto accidents increased 30 percent, motorcycle accidents increased 38 percent, and officers struck by a vehicle increased 16 percent. Shootings increased 18% percent; and the recent trend of multiple-fatality shootings remains cause for grave concern.

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