Excellent Police Chase and Suspect Take Down

Description: This is an Emmy award winning story shot by a photojournalist from WSYX/WTTE (ACB/FOX) in Columbus, OH heard a chase going down on his police scanner. The chase involved multiple juristictions (Columbus police and Gahanna police and Franklin Co. Sheriff's) so he decided to find a spot ahead of the chase to pull over and get some video of the cruisers as they flew past. Amazingly enough the Gahanna cop who has special training made a bold move right there in front of his camera! He did what is called a PIT move. This swings the car around and allows the cop to use his cruiser to block the driver in the car. ...Read more [.....]

Emotional hunt for cop killer under way in NJ town

Jan. 14: Emergency personnel respond to the scene of where a police officer was shot in a townhouse complex in Lakewood, N.J. LAKEWOOD, N.J. – One moment, they were just talking, the young police officer in the patrol car who had rolled up alongside the even younger pedestrian. It was a low-key give-and-take, question-and-answer exchange Friday afternoon, not hostile or confrontational. That changed in an instant, when the pedestrian pulled a handgun out from his baggy clothing, stepped back and fired three shots into the officer, who never had a chance. Patrolman Christopher Matlosz slumped behind the wheel ...Read more [.....]

Personal Protective Equipment Helps People in Many Environments

Personal Protective Equipment(PPE) is worn by individuals who work in dangerous or hazardous environments or conditions. This type of protective gear is designed to keep individuals safe from harm that may result from exposure to chemical spills, splashing, or vapors, flying objects or debris, blunt impacts, heat, electrical hazards, infection and so on. There are all different kinds of personal protective equipment that an individual may be required to wear depending on the situation. Examples of items include gloves, facial masks or shields, overgarments, ear protection, boots, helmets, goggles, or any other equipment ...Read more [.....]

Should Doctors En Route To Surgery Receive Speeding Tickets?

Special Treatment Often Doesn't ApplyThere are a million and one excuses that you can come up with to try to avoid a speeding ticket. You can say you are late to pick up your child at school or that you are sick to your stomach and need to find a bathroom fast.Or that you had a run-in with a beefy, mean-looking trucker at a rest stop and you are trying put as many miles between him and you as you can. And if that means putting the pedal to the metal for 10 straight minutes on the freeway, so be it.But few of your excuses will match the impact that a doctor can bring to bear: “I am a physician and I’m on the way to the hospital ...Read more [.....]


Description: CHICAGO nightclub fighting @ Lake & Halsted from the Lake Street Lookout, LAKEandHALSTED.com A SHADOW BAR mob brawl overtakes Lake Street with fighting amidst traffic. Some ruffians use pieces of SHADOW BAR'S fencing as weapons. Several Chicago police squad cars, wagons & an ambulance respond to make arrests and deal with the injured. The camera is set on remote and catches the brawl as patrons exit the SHADOW BAR. Most of the fighting takes place off-screen to the right as the 12th District Chicago Police respond immediately. * Videotaped incidents have been shortened to accommodate this web format, but remain ...Read more [.....]

Law Enforcement Fatalities Spike in 2010

The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund will release its annual Law Enforcement Officer Fatality Research Bulletin on Tuesday December 28. The report will show a significant increase in the number of law enforcement officer fatalities from 2009 to 2010. This devastating surge in officer deaths is discouraging following 2009, when fatalities decreased 16 percent; the lowest number of line-of-duty deaths since 1959. The trend of multiple fatality shootings continued in 2010 with brutal, ambush- style “cluster killings” targeting officers. Nearly 20 percent of this year’s shooting fatalities – 10 to date ...Read more [.....]

What did you do at work today?

To all the people who have disdain and bad feelings towards the police, you have no idea what the job entails unless you have been there. What you hear from the media and from the people who have been in trouble with the police doesn't come close to what police officers face every day. God Bless them and protect them! BLUtube is powered by PoliceOne.com ...Read more [.....]