Description: CHICAGO nightclub fighting @ Lake & Halsted from the Lake Street Lookout, A SHADOW BAR mob brawl overtakes Lake Street with fighting amidst traffic. Some ruffians use pieces of SHADOW BAR’S fencing as weapons. Several Chicago police squad cars, wagons & an ambulance respond to make arrests and deal with the injured. The camera is set on remote and catches the brawl as patrons exit the SHADOW BAR. Most of the fighting takes place off-screen to the right as the 12th District Chicago Police respond immediately. * Videotaped incidents have been shortened to accommodate this web format, but remain in chronological order. * All views are of Lake Street looking south, with Halsted on the left & Green St on the right. * ALL sound files (including any background music) were recorded along with the images, AS ACTUALLY HEARD ON THE STREET. The sound has NOT been enhanced, supplemented or amplified.
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