Balancing Budgets on Drivers’ Backs

States like California are raising traffic fines instead of increasing taxes to generate a source of revenue. Cities and states across the country are broke. But instead of raising taxes, lawmakers are raising traffic fines. "This business of using fines and traffic fees as revenue sources is just flat wrong," said Lew Uhler with the National Tax Limitation Committee. "This is simply a tax by another name." Nowhere is that more obvious than Los Angeles, where the city collects more then $1.8 million a year at a single intersection in the San Fernando Valley from drivers running a red light. Cost per ...Read more [.....]

LAPD officers who complained about ticket quotas are awarded $2 million

This reminds me of a previous employer, the Northlake Police Department in Illinois, led by Chief Dennis Koletsos. We were told that these were called standards as in performance standards. Officers were disciplined if they didn't meet the "standards" which included numbers of tickets. The veteran motorcycle officers alleged in a lawsuit that they were punished with bogus performance reviews, threats of reassignment and other forms of harassment after objecting to demands from commanding officers that they write a certain number of tickets each day. Ticket quotas are illegal under state law. There's a fine ...Read more [.....]

Deputy Chief and Elmhurst Resident Stir Outcry to Prevent Cop-killer from Walking Free

An excellent job by Norm Nissen, Northlake Deputy Police Chief! Northlake Deputy Chief Norman Nissen Jr. points to a photo of his father, Officer Norman Nissen, with Officer John Nagle who was killed during a bank robbery in 1967 Every officer at the Northlake Police Station knows of Det. Sgt. John Nagle and Patrolman Anthony Perri, Northlake officers who gave their lives in the line of duty. The officers are memorialized inside the department. Northlake Deputy Chief Norman Nissen has an especially deep knowledge of the case. A photo of Sgt. Nagle with Nissen’s father, a former Northlake officer who ...Read more [.....]

Pipes and Drums of The Chicago Police and The Chicago Fire Department “Going Home”

Parole denied for killer of 2 Northlake cops

This is great news! Outrage surfaced over move to free man convicted in shooting deaths of officers during 1967 bank robbery Federal officials denied the parole request Friday for Henry Michael Gargano, whose pending release for the 1967 murders of two Northlake police officers generated outrage from law enforcement and the public. "Mr. Gargano's prison record, on top of his lack of remorse for the crimes that led to his imprisonment, showed that his release would be incompatible with public safety." U.S. Parole Commission Chairman Isaac Fulwood Jr. said in a prepared statement. Gargano, 79, pleaded guilty in 1968 ...Read more [.....]

Another Reminder not to Drink & Drive

Omaha Police Chase and ShootOut !Action Packed!

[youtube_post video_id=m6wHBbjdtY0]

Description: Omaha Police follow a robbery suspect who fires on officers during the pursuit as well as a shootout at the end, where one cruiser ends up in a less than desireable position. Officer Rech was recently named an OPD officer of the year for 2007. Any excessively profane language will be removed.