P1 Interactive: Cops and citizens partner to prevent parole for Ill. cop killer

Your help is keeping this piece of garbage in prison the rest of his life is greatly appreciated. He should have been fried many years ago and saved taxpayer money!

Numerous witnesses saw Henry Gargano stand over two wounded officers’ bodies and “fire several bullets,” killing them both

In less than one week, Henry Michael Gargano has a hearing for ‘special reconsideration’ to be released from prison. Don’t feel bad if you don’t know who that is. Most police officers today weren’t even born — and certainly weren’t police officers — when, during the commission of a 1967 bank robbery, Gargano and two other masked gunmen murdered Sgt. John Nagle and Officer Anthony Perri of the Northlake (Ill.) PD, and wounded two other officers.

Gargano, now 78 years old, is reportedly in failing health — he’s had two heart attacks and takes at least a dozen medications for various ailments. In this excellent piece of news commentary (the first couple of paragraphs of which is in the sidebar to the immediate right), PoliceOne Senior Correspondent Chuck Remsberg writes that Gargano was “sent to juvie in Illinois at age 14 for burglarizing a restaurant. At 17, he robbed a grocery store with a sawed-off shotgun. At 20, committed armed robbery of a law firm and at 24, knocked over an Indiana bank.”

He’s also escaped twice from prison, and in 1981 reportedly told the Chicago Tribune, “I don’t feel any remorse for those dead cops.”

In addition, Remsberg writes that numerous witnesses saw Gargano stand over two wounded officers’ bodies and “fire several bullets,” killing them both.

In an outstanding column written by Earl Filskov — a retired Chicago-area cop who writes for Examiner.com — it’s noted that “Guys like Henry Gargano … are right where they belong and deserve to die there as well.”

Gargano had been slated for outright release on parole back in September of this year, but “due to the survivors’ protest, the parole board has put Gargano’s parole under a process leading up to another hearing,” read one report by UPI a few months back. That hearing, as stated above, is next week.

Let’s work together to prevent the parole of this killer.

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