NEWS: Northlake sues insurance company after losing employment suit

More money for the City of Northlake to pay out regarding lawsuits against the Northlake Police Department and Police Chief Dennis Koletsos...... September 9, 2010 By MARK LAWTON [email protected] In a kind of chain reaction, a lawsuit against the city of Northlake has led the city to file a lawsuit of its own. In January 2008, Daniel Rasic filed a lawsuit against the city of Northlake, Police Chief Dennis Koletsos and the Police and Fire Commission. Rasic was hired as a police officer by the city in 1999. He filed suit against the city in 2008, claiming the city had fired him for taking family ...Read more [.....]

Police Can Put A GPS Device On Your Car Without Your Consent

Court Reaffirms Decision That Rights Weren't Violated Is your vehicle private property? The answer seems obvious: of course it is. But depending on where you parked it, you might give up some rights in actually keeping it "private." Police can place a tracking device on your car without a warrant, according to recent judgment in California. Earlier this year, an Oregonian named Juan Pineda-Moreno was convicted of growing marijuana after police tracked his car to a suspected growing site. Pineda-Moreno appealed, citing the fact that on two occasions DEA agents placed tracking devices on his car while it was in ...Read more [.....]

Lee, A True Cop’s Cop

Working at the Northlake Police Department during the years 1990-2003,  I worked with some real goofballs and some fine officers. One such fine officer, not only in my opnion but in the majority of officers--both current and former-- as well as citizens of the public, is a guy named Lee. I think the first time I came into contact with Lee when i was 16. My friends and I were driving my 1968 Buick Electra 225 convertible--with the top down of course--through Fairview Memorial Cemetery at night. I remember it clearly as my buddy said that a car with it's lights off was coming towards us. I tried to gun it but the car caught ...Read more [.....]

Chicago Officer Who Spoke Out Could Use Your Help

FOP Hops on Board Bandwagon. They've posted a petition on-line for anyone to download, sign and send back to the FOP: Lieutenant John Andrews of the Chicago Police Department recently expressed his views regarding the operations of and conditions within the Chicago Police Department. Lt. Andrews is now facing disciplinary actions for expressing these views. Whether you agree with Lt. Andrews' views or not there is a more important issue at stake. That issue is the ability to freely express your views in writing as guaranteed by the First Amendment. Please print and distribute the following First Amendment ...Read more [.....]

Fed-up Chicago cop blogs about ‘hacks’ running PD

Sounds like Chicago is being led by people similiar to the Northlake police Department's leadership. We will see how long it takes Chicago PD to bring this guy up on charges and fire him. Although, with all this attention he will be getting maybe they won't want the publicity and spotlight put on them. I admire what he did, took lots of guts! CHICAGO — To be a police officer is to make hard decisions. Stop this guy or that guy? Go through the front door or around the back? Shoot or don't shoot? Later, those decisions get second-guessed, by the brass, by the media, by the officers themselves. Sometimes an action that ...Read more [.....]

My Personal Recollections of Co-workers, Northlake is “Cleaned Up?”

I will be posting my recollections, memories, and stories of my former co-workers. I will be posting positive memories of people I worked with, was friends with and respected. I have heard that the Northlake Police chief may have been saying negative things about past officers and that he has "cleaned up" the department since he came in 1998. Well, I strongly believe that there were no "bad" officers that needed "cleaning up" in the way that it is inferred. It is true that a past Chief was in trouble with the Feds and that he was forced out and paid the price. However, I ask this....If the department was so "bad" then why ...Read more [.....]

Goofy Northlake Memos

I was cleaning our office drawer when I came across a goofy memo that police chief Dennis Koletsos had sent to some newer officers--each memo marked with dots placed in different places to, presumably, identify which officer had given us(union reps) copies. lol, unreal. You be the judge as to what the memo is all about...This guy is still police chief btw... There are 2 "anonyonous" letters that were also sent to my mother who lived in the city of Northlake at the time. This place amazes me how immature and idiotic things can be.... Memos can be seen better here: ...Read more [.....]