Excellent Police Chase and Suspect Take Down

Description: This is an Emmy award winning story shot by a photojournalist from WSYX/WTTE (ACB/FOX) in Columbus, OH heard a chase going down on his police scanner. The chase involved multiple juristictions (Columbus police and Gahanna police and Franklin Co. Sheriff’s) so he decided to find a spot ahead of the chase to pull over and get some video of the cruisers as they flew past. Amazingly enough the Gahanna cop who has special training made a bold move right there in front of his camera! He did what is called a PIT move. This swings the car around and allows the cop to use his cruiser to block the driver in the car. This suspect however chose to climb out the passenger door and the foot chase was on. The photographer pulled his camera off of his tri-pod and joined in as Columbus officers chased him down and tackled him. Watch carefully! The photographer reaches the scene before most of the officers involved in the pursuit! This is not like the show “COPS” (which I love) where the crew is already in the cruiser as it pulls up to the scene. This was a seasoned photographer trusting his instincts and placing himself at the right place at the right time. “COPS” photographers also use smaller cameras to make it easier to run along on a chase. In this case the photographer is carrying a much bigger news camera. This is the work of a seasoned and dedicated journalist!
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