Personal Protective Equipment Helps People in Many Environments

Personal Protective Equipment(PPE) is worn by individuals who work in dangerous or hazardous environments or conditions. This type of protective gear is designed to keep individuals safe from harm that may result from exposure to chemical spills, splashing, or vapors, flying objects or debris, blunt impacts, heat, electrical hazards, infection and so on.

There are all different kinds of personal protective equipment that an individual may be required to wear depending on the situation. Examples of items include gloves, facial masks or shields, overgarments, ear protection, boots, helmets, goggles, or any other equipment that will help protect a person’s body from injury. Essentially, there are many diverse types of PPE required and/or used in various industries.

These safety products are often comprised of special, durable materials that are resistant to many dangers including chemicals, heat, corrosion, etc. Common protective materials are Kevlar and Nomex. General examples of personal protective equipment by hazards include: biological hazard protection, ballistic, blunt trauma, respiratory protection, fire and sports. The materials and protective items required for each is based on the level of risk and the parts of the body that are directly affected.

Due to the fact that there is plenty to consider when selecting personal protective equipment, one needs to make sure they not only obtain everything they need but also the best quality products.

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