Chicago Officer Who Spoke Out Could Use Your Help

FOP Hops on Board Bandwagon.
They’ve posted a petition on-line for anyone to download, sign and send back to the FOP:
  • Lieutenant John Andrews of the Chicago Police Department recently expressed his views regarding the operations of and conditions within the Chicago Police Department. Lt. Andrews is now facing disciplinary actions for expressing these views.

    Whether you agree with Lt. Andrews’ views or not there is a more important issue at stake. That issue is the ability to freely express your views in writing as guaranteed by the First Amendment.

    Please print and distribute the following First Amendment Rights petition. Petitions should be returned to Rich Aguilar at FOP Unit 541 via police mail. All petitions will be hand carried to the Superintendent.

Given that there are a few thousand retirees, hundreds of officers from outside the CPD and more than a few civilians who don’t have access to the police mail, we’re going to take a step that the FOP didn’t consider and encourage those readers to support Lieutenant Andrews by using the US Postal Service or a fax to send their signed petitions to the FOP:
  • Fraternal Order of Police Chicago Lodge 7
    1412 W. Washington Blvd.
    Chicago, IL 60607-1821

    or Fax:312-733-1367

Send this out to all your friends.

UPDATE: Evidently, the Lieutenants Association had this petition up a few days earlier and has been collecting petitions from their members already. The FOP simply changed the wording in the “Closing” section to “We as officers…” instead of “We as supervisors…”

Funny thing though – the Sergeants website doesn’t have a single post about this that we can find. The Sergeants union was the only group that actually came out and advised their members that they were NOT supporting the march around City Hall. That was under the currently indicted president though.

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