Tired Days,Thought for Today

I haven't been writing as much lately as I have been very tired. Nonnie is in town helping out and I have been getting a chance to get other things done. At the end of the day I have been very tired. Speaking of very tired, the First day that I was home with Emma was extremely tiring..... I thought that I was a doomed man after that day. I will explain more about that day soon...Do I believe in luck? I should say I do! It’s a wonderful force. I have watched the successful careers of too many lucky men to doubt its existence and its efficacy. You see some fellow reach out and grab an opportunity that the other fellows ...Read more [.....]

Da Beet! Dance, Dance, Dance, Am I "Gay"?

One of the cutest sayings that Emma has been using is Da Beet! She calls her feet beet. LOl. When I ask her if she wants her socks on she says Da Beet!Emma is a dancing fool just like me! I know I am no Fred Astaire but at least I try to show her how to do it! She loves to start one of the many, many, toys she has that plays music. She then proceeds to twirl around and around. Its the funny thing she does with her eyes that takes the cake.She keeps her eyes looking in the opposite direction that she is spinning. If she is spinning clockwise then her eyes are are looking all the way counter clockwise. Of course when her gaze ...Read more [.....]

News You Can Use

As featured in American Police BeatBy Mark NicholsA startling medical report with great implications for law enforcement officers makes a strong case that people who work through the night or the "graveyard shift" have a higher risk of developing certain kinds of cancer. The findings are based on research that discovered higher rates of breast and prostate cancer among people who go to work when everyone else is home sleeping. The higher cancer rates don't prove working overnight can cause cancer - there may be other factors common among graveyard shift workers that raise their risk for cancer.However, the findings are strong ...Read more [.....]

Mommy out of town, Nooooo, Hi-chair?

Whenever Melissa goes out of town I feel a pressure and anxiety that everything is entirely on me now. Emma is a great little girl and is an angel but whenever I hear her call for Momma when she is not here it breaks my heart. I can usually change the subject or distract her but sometimes at night time she really wants her Momma. I'm sure that this happens often to Dads and even Moms. Am I the only one that hates the fact that my spouse travels out of town?Emma has discovered the word "No." We are in trouble now..... Today, she was playing with her duckie and pinkie bear and telling them nnoooooooooooo. She found great delight ...Read more [.....]

Party time, How I got here, Mom goes back to work

The last couple days were fun party days. Emma loves parties and had lots of fun!The first party was a holiday party with Melissa's friends--my friends too! Emma got to play with Alisha, Daniel, and Lauren. She had lots of fun running in the hallways of the golf club with the other "big" girls. She also liked to grab 21 yr old Britney's hand and drag her around. The waitresses loved Emma and she seems to brighten every one's face who she comes in contact with.She didn't like when Bob picked her up when she didn't want him to. She cried and actually had tears and when he put her down she ran to me yelling, "Daddy, Daddy!" My ...Read more [.....]

Opening Drawers, Sitting High, Hiding, No Baba

Today, Actually yesterday, Emma made sounds like she was up at 7:45. I thought she went back to sleep but then heard noises a 1/2 hr later. I went up there and she was sitting next to her dresser with the door open and all her clothes on the floor. LOL Just playing contentedly with her clothes.Our new thing is to go play in the basement. She likes it down there becuase it is roomy and we have all kinds of lights and thigs set up for her to look at. For the first time she wanted to sit on one of the bar stools. I couldn't get her down! She loves saying "high!" when she sits on the high stools. We have a lighted picture of Chicago ...Read more [.....]

Did this Officer cross the line?

Check out this video and tell us what you think!