Bad Decision by Police Chief?

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Colors, Delivery Guy, First Days Home

The colors of the day are Purple, Emma's favorite, and Yellow which she said for the first time today.The last couple days have been "purple" days... She knows several colors, purple, blue(boo), and now yellow. Her favorite toys are her purple bear and purple fish, both of them she calls bu "purple."While going to bed she showed Melissa one of the 2 beanie baby cats she was holding and said, "yellow." Moments like this, seemingly so small to lots of people, are the ones that I treasure and will never forget.We had a Peapod(grocery) delivery tonight. When we told Emma that there was a truck outside she ran to the window and ...Read more [.....]

The Beginning

People who know me know that I am a big kid. Even though my childhood was not perfect(Much more on this in the book) I have fond memories of it.Everything was so amazing and nothing was impossible! My Hotwheels, GI Joes, plastic soldiers, Vertibird, electric train set, Power passers, Intellivision, Schwinn World Sport(which I still have!), mini-bike, dirt bike, my Buick Electra, etc...... Going to the movies with uncle Jeff was so much fun, especially the R rated ones! Sleepovers with all my friends then sneaking out! Playing guns outside(None of us has shot anyone or committed violent crimes either!) My great friends and all ...Read more [.....]

Worst part of being a Police officer

What do you feel is the worst part of being a Police Officer?
Is it the changing work schedule? The danger? The seemingly increasing disrepect from the public? The politics involved? The crazy court schedule? Whatever it is, let us know.
Your comments are appreciated!

Daycare, Trust, & "John"

Seems my discussion of Daycare was interesting to lots of people. I will elaborate on daycare.My main concern regarding daycare is not the fact that kids are always sick that go there or the fact that the children are not exclusively supervised(not really a problem for older kids) but the fact that I don't know who is caring for my child. I find it very difficult to put my trust in a stranger( multiple childcare people at daycare centers).Now I am sure there are those who say that the facility is highly reputable and has a stringent screening process, etc... I say that the people who say that are correct to a point. They have ...Read more [.....]

New word, Guilt, Calling for Mama,Hurry she's sleeping!

Today Emma woke up in a good mood. I heard her on the monitor calling far Dada and tried to finish some work for my business.This brings up the fact that even though I stay up late--I really appreciate the quiet time now-- I purposely get up early so that I can: first have my coffee and slowly wake up(I am not a morning person) and second: go through the seemingly endless number of emails I get overnight and get business work "finished" before Emma wakes up.Well, she woke up happy as she does most of the time, and proceeded to show me her new sheets that have frogs and flowers. She pointed at a flower and after I said flower ...Read more [.....]

My first post…Here goes!

First of all, I would like to dedicate this to my beautiful wife and my precious daughter. Both are the love and joys of my life. Without my wife's support I don't think I could have made it this far! 🙂 I would like to say that my experience so far, 21 months, has been filled with many joys and challenges. I have learned that everyone should give credit to all the mothers(& fathers) that have, and continue to make the sacrifice and commitment to their children.I have learned that it is probably the hardest and most challenging job in the world..No kidding!The sacrifices that so many families have made to have a parent ...Read more [.....]