Da Beet! Dance, Dance, Dance, Am I "Gay"?

One of the cutest sayings that Emma has been using is Da Beet! She calls her feet beet. LOl. When I ask her if she wants her socks on she says Da Beet!

Emma is a dancing fool just like me! I know I am no Fred Astaire but at least I try to show her how to do it! She loves to start one of the many, many, toys she has that plays music. She then proceeds to twirl around and around. Its the funny thing she does with her eyes that takes the cake.
She keeps her eyes looking in the opposite direction that she is spinning. If she is spinning clockwise then her eyes are are looking all the way counter clockwise. Of course when her gaze passes by me she glances quickly to make sure I am watching her. She loves all the many compliments that I giver her while she is dancing and it makes her dance more. She has to stop every so often when she gets too dizzy but starts right up. And, whenever her favorite show comes on, Hi-5, she has to get up and dance with them! I wonder when she is older if she is going to laugh at me the way that my neices and nephew do when I dance for them.. I am sure she will!
One other point. This is my blog and my memoirs but in all of this Melissa is there as well. Of course she works full time but she is a very loving Mom and spends all of her spare time with Emma. She also tries to dance with her but she can’t do it as good as Dada! WEEEEEEE!!!

Just a comment about reactions to this blog. What a funny name–blog—who coined this one? Anyway, I have received numerous emails directly to my email from people who know me. The majority of them are very good. In fact, the only “negative” ones were from men. Now, they were joking comments but still the kind that make fun of me because I am soft or “gay.” I think it is not in a man’s nature to be this way and to stay at home full time with a child. I know it is not in my very nature either.

Not to get off the point but years ago I had an analysis done and learned about the various “personalities” or characters that I have. Now, we all have these and I am not talking about a Sybil type of thing(Or even a NL Police Chief sort of thing). For example, a big part of me is “The Lone Wolf.” For a long time I was in essence, a loner. That is why it took so long for me to get married. I think the majority of men have this in them as far as wanting to be able to not be completely tied down ( I am not talking about not wanting to be married) and being able to move about and “roam.” Much of the time I fight the feeling that I am a lion in a cage, antsy and anxious with energy to burn, going stir crazy by being “stuck” at home etc….Oh, just so you know, The “Family Man” was a big part of me also, probably greater than the Lone Wolf. And that was during my single years….

My point is this, men will make fun of me for writing these “corny” things because they feel it makes me weaker or even feminine (Gay)–even though they know that I can hang with the best of them! The women love it guys! And, don’t we all want to impress the ladies?

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    • Aunt Carol
    • February 9, 2008

    I wonder who the men are that would think writing thoughts about family, especially your child, is corny? Come on this is 2008 for corn sake! We aren’t in the era of Father Knows Best, although they could rewrite that show and keep the title depicting the facts that many dads are staying home to care for children if the mom has the better means of income. And what would be so gay of writing about it? No, men know it’s not corny, they just don’t want to admit they have feelings that can be expressed in writing too.

    • Anonymous
    • February 13, 2008

    Men who put you down or think you are weak etc are just jealous.They Wish they could do what you do.They probably couldn’t make it if they tried!

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