Ready, Go! Hello, Bye! Dancing Queen, Write to Blog?

Melissa is out of town and Emma finally went to sleep. A looooong day indeed! Am I the only spouse who absolutely hates when the other spouse goes out of town for work??Emma likes to say, "Ready....go!" Nonnie taught her this and it is very cute!She also likes to pick up her play telephone and say, "Hello" and when I repeat it she then says, "Bye" and hangs up. Too funny!!Her dancing is getting faster now. She spins round and round and round at an even faster pace. I can't keep up with her for very long as I get dizzy. Nonnie can't either. LOL. Emma likes to pose like a Ballerina now. She stands with one hand on a chair then ...Read more [.....]

When the smoke clears II: More legal tips for after your shooting

Part 2 of a 2-part series
When the smoke clears II: More legal tips for after your shooting

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10-8: Life on the Line
with Charles Remsberg

In Part 1 of this series, we tapped the experience of John Hoag, a prominent law enforcement union attorney who has represented more than 40 officers in deadly force situations, for advice on legal “first aid” you should tend to after a shooting, to protect your best interests. Part 2 continues with his guidance:


Ths is why I am so "paranoid" about daycare

Click the Title to view Video Clips--Sickening...Or go here: Cary, N.C. — After her twin sons, Gavin and Bryce, were born three months premature, it was difficult for Lindsay Addison to go back to work in January.Having spent months in intensive care, the boys still were not healthy enough to go to day care with their older brother, so Addison posted an ad online for a nanny. After interviewing six candidates, she hired someone she thought she could trust – a nanny who is a mother herself, had a background in child care and had a “glowing recommendation” from someone who had ...Read more [.....]

Nice Showing of Unity in Wauconda,IL.

Wauconda cop finds strength in co-workers after amputationBy Ruth Fuller | Special to the Tribune February 22, 2008 Article toolsE-mail Share Digg Facebook Fark Google Newsvine Reddit Yahoo Print Reprints Post comment Text size: Compared with the decision that faced Wauconda Police Officer Eric Schultz -- whether to have his foot amputated to fight cancer -- the one facing his co-workers was simple.Twenty-two Wauconda police officers are among 39 men -- including Lake County Sheriff Mark Curran and Wauconda Police Chief Tony Jacobson, Deputy Chief Patrick Yost and Mayor Salvatore Saccomanno -- who pledged to shave ...Read more [.....]

I Can Open Doors! Having fun with Nonnie!

The little cutie pie can open doors now. The baby monitor no longer warns me that she is stirring as she sometimes gets up in stealth mode. I barely hear anything until I hear her at the top of the stairs--Thank goodness for the gates-- yelling "Daddy."Yesterday morning I woke up and opened my eyes to see her bedroom door opening up. I pretended to still be sleeping when she looked at me, yelled "Dada" and ran to my bedside to wake me up. So cute!!!She likes to show off her new ability to open doors. She will close it so she can re-open it. So proud she is. I am buying a hook latch for our basement door because she loves going ...Read more [.....]

Does Officer Off on FMLA Have to Go to Court?

Here is an interesting lawsuit, yes another one against the fine City of Northlake Illinois and Police Chief Dennis Koletsos.Brings up the question of whether an Officer who is off on FMLA have to go to court when subpoenaed?Without knowing the specifics in this case, it sounds like this officer refused to go to court while off on FMLA and was eventually fired.Does this officer have a good case? We will see...Case filing info:Rasic v. City of Northlake et al Plaintiff: Daniel Rasic Defendant: City of Northlake, Dennis A Koletsos, City of Northlake Police and Fire Commission, Roberta Larson, Manuel Ferra and Gary Merchant ...Read more [.....]

The First Day

The first day alone with Emma was one that I will not forget. Up until that time she was doing just fine with Momma being home. She took her naps every 2-3 hours and pretty much just ate and slept. She was a happy baby and would always be smiling and laughing. I think that I was lulled into a false sense of comfort during this time.Little did I know that the Mommy-Daughter bond would be so strong...I think it had lots to do with the fact that she was breastfeeding. Not only was this for her nutritional needs but it was just as important for her emotional needs. Daddy just isn't equipped for this.I remember thinking that Melissa ...Read more [.....]