Colors, Delivery Guy, First Days Home

The colors of the day are Purple, Emma’s favorite, and Yellow which she said for the first time today.
The last couple days have been “purple” days… She knows several colors, purple, blue(boo), and now yellow. Her favorite toys are her purple bear and purple fish, both of them she calls bu “purple.”
While going to bed she showed Melissa one of the 2 beanie baby cats she was holding and said, “yellow.” Moments like this, seemingly so small to lots of people, are the ones that I treasure and will never forget.
We had a Peapod(grocery) delivery tonight. When we told Emma that there was a truck outside she ran to the window and said,”pizza.” Well, the “bad” parents that we are, we now have her conditioned that whenever someone comes to our house to bring us something she assumes it is the Pizza delivery person bringing her favorite food. No wonder I am gaining weight?!

Going back to our first days home from the hospital with our new baby….We were both pretty tired but Melissa was really tired…. But oh, how good it was to be home.

The work that was put into getting Emma to breastfeed was unreal. Not as easy as I thought…I have a new found respect for women that breastfeed! Go Melissa!

Our little bundle of joy was so tiny! I enjoyed holding her like I never thought I would.
Now, I have been around babies a lot since all three sisters had them before me–and I am the oldest!– but I have always preferred not to hold any one’s newborn baby. In fact, not too long ago I think a relative was offended when I refused to hold hers! Am I the only guy like this? I mean, I will hold my child with no problem but anyone else’s…..

Emma slept lots when we came home. I remember staying up late with my laptop in our room just so I could check on her while she was sleeping. I remember looking intently to make sure I could see her breathing. She would wake up a couple times during the night–again, respect for breastfeeding, especially since Melissa had to get up everytime–but she was a very good sleeper.

Getting used to a relatively new schedule was not too difficult since Melissa was home for 12 weeks (just wait till Melissa goes back to work!). We enjoyed her very much. We had lots of free time since Emma slept a lot and everything was seemingly pretty easy. Boy, was I in for a shocking wake up call when Melissa went back to work! Boy, were we both in for a wake up call when she got older and mobile!
It was at this time that I think Emma looked just like me. Her hair was darker and her eyes were brown. People still say that she looks like me but I think she is a mini-Melissa now. Her hair is light blonde and her eyes are blue…I am in serious trouble in 15 years!

The diapers were a new thing for me. It wasn’t(still isn’t) nearly as bad as I thought it would be. I figured that I would be holding my breath or wearing a clothespin on my nose like the movie Mr. Mom. It really didn’t bother me. Still doesn’t–too much.

The early days will be remembered for Emma’s cute cry when it sounded like she was saying,”needl needl,” the way she looked in the mirror at herself when we would change her, the way that she demanded her Momma when she was hungry, how she smiled at her yellow bear which we had above her on her basinet, and how easy she would fall asleep and stay asleep!

Note: We are both getting extremely worn down due to the fact that we don’t really have a regular babysitter. I am not discounting the people who have sat for us as we are very, very grateful. But events keep coming up and we are finding it difficult to get a sitter for everything much less for us to do something for ourselves. Is this a common problem for people? Your comments are appreciated!

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