Party time, How I got here, Mom goes back to work

The last couple days were fun party days. Emma loves parties and had lots of fun!
The first party was a holiday party with Melissa’s friends–my friends too! Emma got to play with Alisha, Daniel, and Lauren. She had lots of fun running in the hallways of the golf club with the other “big” girls. She also liked to grab 21 yr old Britney’s hand and drag her around. The waitresses loved Emma and she seems to brighten every one’s face who she comes in contact with.
She didn’t like when Bob picked her up when she didn’t want him to. She cried and actually had tears and when he put her down she ran to me yelling, “Daddy, Daddy!” My poor little girl… I think he traumatized her because she kept saying “Bob” all the way home and shaking her head. Even today when we mentioned him she shook her head and said “Bob.”
The party today was for a baptism. Emma had lots of older boys and a 2 1/2 yr old girl to play with. She loved the balloons and got to be teased by the boys when she tried to get the ball they were playing with. She ate well and got many compliments again.

I never thought about staying home with a child. I always envisioned a shared situation where I worked full time as well as my wife. I also envisioned that we would have lots more babysitting assistance as well. Things don’t always turn out how we would like–another saying that has stood the test of time.
I had a good job that I liked. I also had the opportunity to work for a psychotic person that only cares about himself and lives in never-never land. This goes for his hench men and woman too…If you think you know one of these, let me tell you that nobody can top this guy. Those of you unfortunate to still be working there, you have my sympathies.
Anyway, I always joked that if I had to, I could stay at home with the kids since Melissa has a good job. I never actually intended or believed that this would be the case!
The Lord works in mysterious ways…
Things happen for a reason even though we can’t understand it while it is happening. Numerous things happened(too much to write here, will be in the book) and Emma was upon us. We decided that I would stay home since Melissa’s job is so good and because there was nooooo way we were putting our infant in someone else’s care.
Which brings me to this… We met with a very nice woman who babysits children from her home a few months ago. She is well recommended and was a very nice person. We inquired for part time assistance while I work on my business or exercise like I used to always do. We decided not to go with her since she lives kinda far and out of the way. While we were there she had a tiny infant, probably 3 months old or so, in her care. She watches the baby 8 hrs a day 5 days a week while both parents work. Well, something about watching her care for someone else’s baby–it looked like she did so in a very good way– made me cringe. It just didn’t feel right , no matter what the circumstances…Once in a while is OK but 40 hrs a week?? Who am I to judge but no way would we do that!

My test and ultimate eye opening, earth shattering, reality busting, what have I gotten myself into moment came the day Melissa went back to work. Up until that day I had never, ever had such an exhausting day in my life. I mean, the moment I heard Melissa get home I experienced the most unbelievable relief I have ever felt. I felt like the future isn’t looking so great anymore especially if I have to go through this again. What have I done? I better get a good job fast!
Not that baby Emma was a bad girl. She was just a breast-fed baby that wanted her Mama and all she got was a new, nervous Daddy for the day. More on this day later….

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