Ready, Go! Hello, Bye! Dancing Queen, Write to Blog?

Melissa is out of town and Emma finally went to sleep. A looooong day indeed! Am I the only spouse who absolutely hates when the other spouse goes out of town for work??

Emma likes to say, “Ready….go!” Nonnie taught her this and it is very cute!
She also likes to pick up her play telephone and say, “Hello” and when I repeat it she then says, “Bye” and hangs up. Too funny!!
Her dancing is getting faster now. She spins round and round and round at an even faster pace. I can’t keep up with her for very long as I get dizzy. Nonnie can’t either. LOL.

Emma likes to pose like a Ballerina now. She stands with one hand on a chair then raises one leg up high behind her. Not sure where she picked this up but she likes when we do it with her. Amazing how she learns things.

Emma met her new Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins this weekend. They are all so nice and she is very lucky to have this new family in her life.
For those that are not aware, I have other siblings out there from my biological father(This may be a surprise to some as I have not really discussed it much. It will be in the book.) They are all older which makes me the baby. A far cry from my family I grew up in where I am the oldest. I am square in the middle now… Suffice it to say that Emma has a very large family now with many, many cousins to play with!

There are many things that have crossed my mind to write about(especially when I go to bed and my mind is sometimes racing) but I haven’t due to concern that I may hurt other people’s feelings or offend someone. (Past posts have already done so and I have heard about it.) Now, I wouldn’t single anyone out but the subject matter alone may do so. I am probably going to move forward as the book will have much in it that will bring up subject matter that may raise the ire of some people anyway. The way I see it is “The Truth Hurts” sometimes. I call them like I see them and that is the way it is. This blog is about being a Stay at Home Dad and my number one concern here is Emma. All matters of concern to her and I will be discussed.
I have been very tired lately as we have all battled colds and we have been very busy with things…. I can’t wait for the time–if it ever comes–when we can relax a little. Reminds me when I always tell my nieces and nephew to “Enjoy being a kid” because life only gets more and more complex as time goes on. And we are thinking of another little one?! WOW!!!!

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