The Mall, Pretty, Family & Sacrifice

Today we went to the mall. Emma loves going to the mall to see the water fountains and the decor that hangs from the ceiling. Her newest favorite word is “pretty.” Everything that she likes is pretty and the water fountain is no exception. So are the big butterflies that are hanging from the mall ceiling. Oh, and the Easter Bunny is there too and she went crazy! It started to wave at her and she waved back and started saying, “Emma! Emma!” which meant that she wanted to go by it. I did not dare have her sit on its lap for a picture without Mama being present, however, as mama had warned me not to do so with Santa…LOL

She played in the play area with the other kids for over an hour. She has this thing for hitting recently. Every now and then she will hit Melissa and I for apparently no reason. Well, she took a couple swipes at a couple kids that crowded her(no Mike Tyson connections though) and I really had to watch her and tell her to play nice. She ran around a lot and kept showing off for another Mom that was there. This one is a little showoff now. She loves to dance with her spinning and makes sure that we are watching. I have lots of good videos of her that I am sure she will enjoy when she is older.
She did not eat much today as she is a finicky eater. Even the sure thing chicken nuggets did not do it for her today. She has become more and more picky about her food and doesn’t eat alot on certain days. She did eat yogurt so that was good.

What is the importance of family? This is a question that I never really thought about during my single, partying days. But during those days I always maintained constant contact with family even though I was very busy with my drinking buddies. I am very grateful for all the times spent with family even though there could have been more if not for the fact that everyone is so busy all the time.

I think that even back then I would have agreed that family is most important. It is more important than money, prestige, living in a nice climate, and even petty family disputes. Given the choice of moving my daughter away from her family (grandparents,aunts, uncles, cousins) to pursue a high paying job, live in a warm climate, run away from a problem, or staying here where her family is located is a no brainer. The same is true for keeping my daughter from her family because of a family dispute.

To keep her away from her family is to deprive her of something more valuable than any amount of money or nice weather. To deprive her of the time that is lost with family is depriving her of time that can never be regained. The years that she will see her family growing up and getting older, sharing all the experiences that she would be deprived of if she were kept from them are priceless.

I think that those parents that make the choice to keep their children from their families, even if it isn’t their intent, are doing so out of selfishness, greed, and/or ignorance. They are not willing to make a sacrifice for their kids and instead pursue their own selfish interests.

This belief has been reinforced recently with the “addition” of a very loving extended family that I could have known for the last 25 years at least if not for a selfish person. Those years are lost forever along with the many memories and experiences that could have been. I am grateful for the future, however. Emma will be able to know them and that will not be held from her.

So many people get so caught up in their own stuff that they fail to see how it affects their children. I know from personal experience that children do not forget. When they grow up they will remember all the things that happened and what their parents may have done or not done. Some may not be willing to forgive and that would be a complete shame.

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    • Mom
    • March 9, 2008

    This is so nice to read about Emma and you guys.I feel as if I am there and can see everything you talk about.
    I miss the little cutie and want to see her.Can’t wait till her birthday!!
    Of course I miss you guys too!!
    Love Mom

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