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Chicago Officer Who Spoke Out Could Use Your Help

FOP Hops on Board Bandwagon. They’ve posted a petition on-line for anyone to download, sign and send back to the FOP: Lieutenant John Andrews of the Chicago Police Department recently expressed his views regarding the operations of and conditions within the Chicago Police Department. Lt. Andrews is now facing disciplinary actions for expressing these views. Whether you agree with Lt. Andrews’ views or not there is a more important issue at stake. That issue is the ability to freely express your views in writing as guaranteed by the First Amendment. Please print and distribute the following First Amendment …Read more […..]

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And The Survey Says……

In 2002, after much “complaining” about the extremely low morale of the Northlake Police Department and after hearing from the administration that it was only a “few veteran officers” that were starting trouble, we(the FOP Lodge #18) decided to have an employee survey taken. The survey was obtained from a major corporation and altered a bit to apply to a police agency. I highly recommend this survey to any police agency–if the administration will even consider doing a survey! We know how they try to keep negative morale under wraps… After the results were tabulated we set up a meeting with Chief Dennis Koletsos …Read more […..]

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