Marquette County, Wisconsin Sheriff a Real Professional

Have to send out props to the professional Marquette County Sheriff who pulled me over on August 6th. Unlike his colleagues on the Wisconsin State Patrol, this officer showed true professionalism and discretion in his duties.

His very personable manner as well as his safety procedures indicates to me that he is definitely a police officer that I would want working for me and with me.

It is not every day that an Illinois resident is able to say that they were treated in such a professional manner by a Wisconsin law enforcement officer.

Can You Believe This? Fired For Writing Too Many Tickets!

PALM BEACH, Fla. — From its long abandoned practice of ticketing shirtless joggers and issuing ID cards to gardeners, the rules in Palm Beach have always been different. Now, in response to complaints from town residents who agree that rules on the tiny island should be different, police officers are being investigated and fired for writing too many traffic tickets. Officer William Eaton, who has patrolled the town's ficus-lined streets for six years, was fired this week. Union leaders say two other officers face similar fates. In a termination letter signed Tuesday, the town's director of public safety says Eaton's ...Read more [.....]

36 Miami cops punished for off-duty speeding

MIAMI — The chief of police is taking disciplinary action against 36 officers for off-duty driving at speeds sometimes exceeding 100 mph. Officer Fausto Lopez, the cop who led a Florida Highway Patrol trooper on an attention-grabbing chase through Broward County in October, has been suspended for one month in the first wave of punishment, according to reports. The incident generated headlines and prompted a closer look at officers speeding by the Sun Sentinel newspaper, who in February published an investigation that used SunPass toll records to find that Miami officers drove up to 55 mph above the speed limit while ...Read more [.....]

Earl, True Blue 24/7

After being hired by the Northlake Police Department and graduating from the Chicago Police Academy, the first police officer got to really know, besides my FTO, was Earl. I remember my first impression, and the first impression is very important, was that this guy was very confident and knew his stuff. My FTO, Dan, had told me which officers I could trust and which ones I couldn't and Earl was the first that I was told I could trust. I took this with a bit of hesitation since several of the old timers, Don M., Louie D. and Tommy O., had each told me, in general, to watch out who I trusted. Boy, what a way to enter a workplace! I ...Read more [.....]

Northlake Mayor Jeffrey Sherwin in Hot Water!

I would think an attorney would know better. But, coming from the town of Northlake....And, this man and his cohort, Police Chief Dennis Koletsos, both arrogantly stood in judgement of many police officers(most who supported the police union) for, in some cases,  more trivial matters. The old saying that what comes around goes around stands true in this case. Best wishes to Jeffrey Sherwin and Dennis Koletsos! Great Job CBS Chicago's Pam Zekman! Northlake Mayor Got Tax Breaks He Didn’t Deserve NORTHLAKE, Ill. (CBS) – There are millions of dollars in homeowners exemptions given to Illinois property owners — tax ...Read more [.....]

Glendale Heights man pleads guilty to random sex attacks

A man accused of sexually attacking three women at random outside his Glendale Heights apartment building pleaded guilty Monday to felony charges. Adan Morales-Guerrero, 22, faces up to 21 years in prison after pleading guilty to three counts of attempted criminal sexual assault. He also must register as a sex offender. Prosecutors said Morales-Guerrero attacked two victims in March and another in September — all as they walked through a parking lot near his home on the 2300 block of Century Point during late night or early morning hours. He was arrested when a witness to the third attack intervened and detained him ...Read more [.....]

Cokemobile: Video of insane armored drug truck used by Mexico cartels

[youtube_post video_id=WgBzLJfb_yM]

Description: Soldiers in the Mexican border state of Tamaulipas said on Monday they had seized two armored freight trucks from a metalworking shop believed to be altering the vehicles for local drug cartels. The Defence Department said the trucks were found on Saturday during a raid on the property in the city of Camargo. Inside, soldiers found two trucks that had inch-thick (2.54 centimetre-thick) sheet steel welded over the cabin, doors and cargo container, and were fitted with primitive fixed turrets and loopholes be used as firing ports.