Excellent Police Chase and Suspect Take Down

Description: This is an Emmy award winning story shot by a photojournalist from WSYX/WTTE (ACB/FOX) in Columbus, OH heard a chase going down on his police scanner. The chase involved multiple juristictions (Columbus police and Gahanna police and Franklin Co. Sheriff’s) so he decided to find a spot ahead of the chase to pull over and get some video of the cruisers as they flew past. Amazingly enough the Gahanna cop who has special training made a bold move right there in front of his camera! He did what is called a PIT move. This swings the car around and allows the cop to use his cruiser to block the driver in the car. …Read more […..]

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Phil, The Honorable Cop

One of the most honorable and humble people I have ever know is a man that I was able to work with for over 10 years. Before I worked with him I observed him during my childhood as his parents house was down the street from me and across the street from my friends house. I remember seeing him pull up in his squad car, a very dashing and good looking guy–no I am not gay– who always waved to us kids and always seemed to have a smile on his face. I didn’t have any run-ins with him as a kid but I know that if I did they would have been worthy experiences as this man perpetuated the term honorable and humble. A little background …Read more […..]

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Lee, A True Cop’s Cop

Working at the Northlake Police Department during the years 1990-2003,  I worked with some real goofballs and some fine officers. One such fine officer, not only in my opnion but in the majority of officers–both current and former– as well as citizens of the public, is a guy named Lee. I think the first time I came into contact with Lee when i was 16. My friends and I were driving my 1968 Buick Electra 225 convertible–with the top down of course–through Fairview Memorial Cemetery at night. I remember it clearly as my buddy said that a car with it’s lights off was coming towards us. I tried to gun it but the car …Read more […..]

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