Article That Describes Actions of the Northlake Police Chief

This article is an awesome one that decribes how law enforcement management gets at Police Officers, most of whom are union members. From personal experience my opinion is that The City Of Northlake, Illinois’ Police Chief Dennis Koletsos uses this technique extensively.

After never having any complaints against me in 10 years on the job it was funny how after becoming our Union President I was suddenly being suspended and investigated for “anonyomous” complaints, etc…..

Those who have worked there know what I am talking about. Those except for the relatively few suck ups that would sell their soul if it meant getting something for themselves.

The article is here:

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  1. when is this town going to reduce the speeders ( oh wait maybe someone will killed or maybe the media will some how be contacted to do a story on it. Or maybe more incidents of criminal damage should raise the property rates, how about 4 smashed windows on cars in one night. Or how about the 25 cars that got hit up with smile faces, because of the lack of actual patrol or limited officers on the street.

  2. Grow some balls and start doing some real traffic enforcement and patrol, instead of hiding in you state of the art police department. Hope your officers don't get hurt with their less then reliable radios. % times for a radio tech to come out and fix it, and it still sounds like crap. Hope these guys never get in a foot chase, can you hear me now, can you hear me now. Maybe a few more trips to Waukegan to chase down some s-heads would be a good idea, leave your town down with not enough officers to patrol the streets. Perhaps, the boo fest and Oct 31st random stupidity off egging people while entertaining the event may occur again. How about getting 910 and 911 on the streets doing patrol as well on occasion instead of sitting behind desks. Must be nice to have the stripes.

  3. Still more radio problems, good leadership and poor direction yet again. Fix your officers radio and the boss. Can you hear me now, can you hear me now. F-ing crazy, when is this town going to do something right, brand new building with less then great radio communications. This makes a lot of sense, I guess this is to expected by such great leadership.

  4. Fixed. Now what cry baby.

  5. Thanks,its your fellow officers safety and yours not mind. Funny how the mayor in his own words says things need to be better then adequate, you draw your own conclusions. Glad to see your finally getting good staffing numbers.

  6. How about that Tac Team with poor radio communications in Franklin Park. Who's eating their words now…. Tac Team, if you read this. Do me a favor and use nextel. As unreliable as it is, as well it will be more secure. I realize that certain situations nextels are not easy to find user on in a direct crisis, or stress based incidents. I do think your portables have Franklin Park on them, Main Band-like position 1. Your communications center has access to the main band as well. I would use that next time if you out with that many shitheads, yes I said it shitheads.

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