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What did you do at work today?

To all the people who have disdain and bad feelings towards the police, you have no idea what the job entails unless you have been there. What you hear from the media and from the people who have been in trouble with the police doesn’t come close to what police officers face every day. God Bless them and protect them! BLUtube is powered by …Read more […..]


Article That Describes Actions of the Northlake Police Chief

This article is an awesome one that decribes how law enforcement management gets at Police Officers, most of whom are union members. From personal experience my opinion is that The City Of Northlake, Illinois’ Police Chief Dennis Koletsos uses this technique extensively. After never having any complaints against me in 10 years on the job it was funny how after becoming our Union President I was suddenly being suspended and investigated for “anonyomous” complaints, etc….. Those who have worked there know what I am talking about. Those except for the relatively few suck ups that would sell their soul if it meant getting …Read more […..]


Does Filing Grievances Ruin a Career?

What is the function of the Union President/Steward of a Police Department? This person is responsible for acting as the liason between the Police Officers and Management as well as to ensure that labor contract violations are attended to. My experience at Northlake PD is one that may or may not be common in the Policing world, I leave that up to you. In my 18 months as Union President of Northlake PD I filed 18 grievances. Several of the grievances were my own but the overwhelming majority of them were filed on behalf of other officers with their permission and at their request. I felt that the labor contract was being …Read more […..]