What the Liberal Media Is Afraid to Print

From the media regarding the shooting where an armed 16-year-old offender pointed a weapon at police:
“He was a good kid . . . he just needed a little guidance,” Arnold said. “He fell behind the wrong crowd and he just did some wrong things. But we all make mistakes, and he didn’t deserve for the Chicago police to take his life. He didn’t deserve it . . . he was just a regular kid.”

Arnold drove to the scene of the shooting on Saturday to see it for himself.

Although police said they found a gun nearby, Arnold said [Martinez] Winford was not known to carry a weapon.

From one of our readers, we get this:

Just was on the suntimes blog and found that someone had posted a link to show what an ass this kid was. all the interviews said he was a good kid and never had a gun. check out this link three pics, with different guns in each. Hope someone lets the A/2 Det or involved officer know about this so they can print them up and put them in the file. would really screw up any wrongful death suit…. heres the link http://www.imeem.com/liltinez
And from the listed link: Check out pictures above.

That would appear to be Martinez Winford, aka “liltinez,” the recently deceased honor student, altar boy and proud father at sixteen, throwing up for the nation and armed with one, two, three, four different weapons! Golly, and he was just about to turn his life around, fix his bad choices and cure cancer or some other such nonsense.

Unreal how the liberal media makes it look like the police gunned down a “16 year old boy.” They make him look like such an angel. Unreal….

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    • Lynae
    • December 2, 2008

    ok u dumb ass only 1 of them pix was tinez and that wasn’t even his gun. If u look on myspace it salot of people white boys too posing with guns. its something they think is cool which it is not and i know my broski Tinez was wrong 4 that but he didnt own a gun. And who cares how old he was with a baby. Miyah is taken care of and thats all that matters. The police were wrong 4 shooting him and thats the truth 2 it. he didnt hve a gun that night and i know for sure of that. So unless u kicked it with him that day or were there when he got shot u shouldnt talk because his blood was shed for what?????? I’ll give you a moment of thought……………NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO ALL THIS HE HAD A GUN TALK KILL IT. Tinez been gone since aug. his daughter and family are still struggling let him rest in peace instead of draggin his name in the dirt R.I.P. Martinez Winford. A father, a friend and good person

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