Vegas Officer Shot, Suspect Killed at House Fire

Morons shooting at firetrucks going to a fire….Ya can’t make this stuff up!

Las Vegas Review-Journal

A suspect has been killed following an incident in which police responded to a call that shots were being fired at firefighters putting out a house fire.

Las Vegas police responded about 12:30 p.m. to the 1200 block of Comstock Drive, near Washington Avenue and Martin Luther King Boulevard.

One officer received minor injuries in the incident during an exchange of gunfire between police and the suspect. The officer received a gunshot wound to his arm and back and was taken to University Medical Center. He is expected to be release this afternoon.

Las Vegas Fire Department spokesman Tim Szymanski said that two engines were responding to the fire. Both fire trucks were hit by gunfire. Szymanski said one firefighter saw a man at the house crouched and carrying a weapon.

Several area schools were placed on lockdown.

Photos from the scene showed several pellet holes from what appeared to be a shotgun blast into the side of a fire truck.

Firefighters were still battling the blaze at 2:30 p.m.

McClatchy-Tribune News Service

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