Houston Gets Wireless Fingerprint Devices

Back in 1990 when I was a rookie they said that someday these would be available. Pretty cool!

Houston police have a new crime-fighting tool, KPRC Local 2 reported Wednesday.

The department is using the Blue Check Mobile Identification Device and the Mobile ID II device to check the true identities of potential criminals.

HPD has been using five of the Mobile ID II devices in patrol cars since July 31. The devices can scan fingerprints and compare them to those in HPD’s database and in the FBI’s Repository for Individuals of Special Concern. It takes about three minutes for officers to receive results.

The department said 77 Blue Check devices have been linked to the FBI’s database. HPD will have 163 devices by 2010.

“They will enable our officers to immediately identify known wanted persons, and just as importantly, enhance officer safety and the safety of our citizens,” Police Chief Harold Hurtt said.

If there’s a match to the fingerprints submitted, officers are supplied with a photo and other information about the person. If there’s no match, the fingerprints submitted are automatically erased from the system.

Persons must be under reasonable suspicion or arrestable charges for fingerprints to be scanned.

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  1. Good,start using it to round up all the illegal lettuce pickers and deport them.Spanish names are usless when playing the name game.Just give them a SID and that will be that.

  2. Wow,I can run backgrounds right out on the streets for $25,im clouted so no need to worry.

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