"No one takes food off my plate!!!"

A quick story about a meeting I had a while back with the Chief of Police of Northlake. Yes, the guy in the video posted on the bottom of this page regarding the American flag.
The background behind it is this. I became FOP(Union) President due to what I felt as improper treatment of employees and violations of the Labor Contract. I began to file grievances on behalf of other officers.
There were also many rumors going around the department regarding the chief’s past employment. One of them was that he was “fired” from his previous employer, Grayslake PD, for exactly the same type of reasons.
I sent an email to Grayslake requesting to speak to any officer that worked there for the past—I think I said 6 or 7 years. This time frame would have covered the time before he became chief there to the time he left.
I was called to a meeting with the short, little man shortly after sending this email. In the meeting we discussed,I believe,a grievance and then he put a printed copy of my email in front of me(obviously he still had friends at Grayslake PD) and the fun began….
He said,”Whats this?” I stated that It was self explanatory and he the proceeded to lose it… He turned beet red–very, very, funny to observe this–stood up and leaned on his desk towards me. He then stated, “Investigating the chief is walking a fine line! No one takes food off my plate!” He then realized that I was smiling at him as it was very funny to see this little man try to threaten me, and then he sat down.

My question is what did he have to hide that he would feel so threatened about being investigated? This only enhanced the suspicion that he was forced to resign his last position. And, he doesn’t find it difficult to take food off other peoples’ plates.

Looking at his history in Northlake, it is very easy to see that this man cannot deal with people very well. How else is it that the turnover rate among police officers at Northlake PD is through the roof? How else is it that there have been so many grievances and lawsuits against them? How does it explain all of his goofy, off the wall and unprofessional memos that he has put out?
Speaking of memos, feel free to send any memos that you would like posted here. They will remain anonymous and I will be posting some in the future.

Well, more lunacy to come regarding this…
More funny meetings and goofy statements by the chief in the future. Maybe even a few audio recordings of his rants…
For hilarious reading, Just discovered this: http://burbcopschicago.blogspot.com/2007/08/hooters-beware.html

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    • Anonymous
    • March 11, 2008

    Sounds like the guy I know. He is unbeleivable. A true jerk if I ever saw one.

    • Anonymous
    • July 19, 2008

    Drink some brew at Ozzies
    shake it up

    • Anonymous
    • July 30, 2008

    You need to enter the win a date with Drew Peterson contest that Steve Dahl was promoting.

    A hole

    • Anonymous
    • August 3, 2008

    Billings, Montana 07-26-07
    Jury found the city violated Officer Feuerstein’s Federal constitutional rights to free speech by retaliating against him.
    $1.3 million in lost wages and benefits. Mental suffering etc.

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