A kindergarten book to help my daughter’s transition to school

Guest post written by Amy Hartwig

In lots of bad times in my life, I’ve simply turned to books to help me get through them. Books are always there for you and they’re even free at the library! Needles too say, I really love to read. It’s continued to be my favorite pastime, even in motherhood.

So I went looking online for a good book that I could give my daughter in order to help ease the transition into kindergarten this fall. While I was searching online for one that appealed to me, I ran across the site http://WWW.CLEARWirlessinternet4g.com. After I looked through it a little bit, I decided to change over my home internet service to the provider that I found on that site.

I fond the perfect little kindergarten book for her that I know she is just going to love. I’m going to give it to her a few days before her first day and I think that it will really help her out some. If all else fails, it’s just a book that she refuses to read and I can help talk to her about kindergarten.


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