"I'm Happy" "I'm Talking to You" "I Love You"

So, Emma’s vocabulary is exploding now. She is forming sentences and has her own favorite phrases that are just cracking us up!

She tells us her feelings now and even tells us our own….. When she is happy she says, “I’m happy.” When she is mad she says,”I’m mad.” She tells us that we are happy and mad too! “Momma’s happy” and “Dada’s happy” are commonly heard around here.

One of her favorite phrases to say to me is, “I’m talking to you.” She knows it gets a laugh from me and says it quite often, especially when I am not really paying attention to her! I respond by saying, “And I’m talking to you!”

The little cutie tells us, “I Love you Dada” and “I love you Momma.” It is a feeling that only a parent can appreciate. It is so much more unique/different than when a girlfriend/spouse says it. Not that my wife saying it is in any way less special, just different…..

Emma has a unique and cute way of saying the word milk. She pronounces it mloolk. She is very good at pronouncing words that we tell her to say. She is indeed a little genius in the making.

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    • Writer Dad
    • August 28, 2008

    The other day, my son, four, said:

    “You’re not listening and it’s making me sad…. or maybe angry…. no, just sad.”

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