Another Slick Willie?

As we all know, arrestees that we know for certain are guilty get off or are found not guilty for whatever reason(s). That being said, it appears that Northlake Police’s version of Slick Willie, Dennis Koletsos, has been exonerated from a lawsuit once again.

Without knowing all the facts, only he and Coary know all the exact facts, I can’t give an exact and appropriate opinion on the matter. I will say however, that many people, including myself, have witnessed this administration in action. We all are aware of how they genuinely have the utmost in integrity, morals and high ethics. We know that the maestro himself does not care about lawsuits because he has the deepest pockets–Hello Northlake taxpayers!? But hey, where there is smoke there is fire… If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck, it is a duck right?

I am sure that there are many municipalities with administrations like this. Hey, Grayslake PD had one before they learned their lesson and shipped him off to Northlake. It seems that people who get what they perceive to be lots of power(Really Dennis…How much power do you think you really have???)they get carried away and think they are heads and tails above everyone else. Why people allow their ethics and morals to be altered or shaded–maybe they were already shaded to begin with–I’ll never know. It happens in all facets of life and it is a shame.

With that being said, here is the latest news story regarding the great and honorable police chief of Northlake, Dennis Koletsos…

Lawsuit decided in favor of police chief

August 20, 2008Recommend

By MARK LAWTON [email protected]
A lawsuit against Northlake Police Chief Dennis Koletsos has been decided in his favor.

Ementi Coary, a police officer in Northlake from November 1999 to Feb. 2003, filed suit against Koletsos in Cook County Circuit Court in April 2006. Coary alleged Koletsos had violated an agreement by supplying information to the Rosemont Police Department in late 2005. The Rosemont Police Department was researching Coary for a possible job.

Coary had resigned from the Northlake Police in the face of departmental charges. The charges stemmed from a Fraternal Order of Police golf outing that took place Aug. 7, 2002.

According to court documents, the Northlake police were investigating whether Coary had solicited funds from Allstars Gentleman’s Club, 11645 W. Grand Ave., for the golf outing while on duty.

Allstars is a strip club with alleged ties to organized crime, according to an Aug. 18, 2002 article in the Chicago Sun-Times and a 1997 publication by the Chicago Crime Commission.

Allstars contributed money and female employees to serve as hostesses at the golf tournament, according to court papers.

A Chicago news channel secretly videotaped the golf tournament. After it’s broadcast Aug. 14, 2003, Northlake Police began an investigation.

Two other officers – who were not charged by the department – resigned during the course of the investigation.

Coary was charged by the Northlake Police Department. A hearing by the Northlake Fire and Police Commission was scheduled, then postponed. Coary negotiated a “resignation agreement” with the Northlake Department and left the department.

In his lawsuit, Coary alleges Koletsos violated this agreement and, as a result, was denied a chance to work for the Rosemont police.

In his lawsuit, Coary asked to be reinstated as a police officer in Northlake and for back wages.

Attorneys for Koletsos argued that Coary had signed a waiver with the Rosemont Police “authorizing the release of any and all information regarding Coary’s employment with the Northlake police.”

Judge Lee Preston June 27 ruled in favor of Koletsos and the city of Northlake.

Neither Koletsos or Coary’s attorney returned calls for comment.

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    • Anonymous
    • August 23, 2008

    All trials are won and lost by the sworn testimony, SWORN. In one like this the best bullshitter wins. It’s a shame but Mr. Coary got beat at an old game. If the numbers are true he should have took the settlement offer. But then again who knows whats true anymore…

    Free South Ossetia!

    • Anonymous
    • October 22, 2008

    Dude start a new story on the murder last week. Dickhead Koletsos went on vacation after it went down. If it was a white family do you think he would have left? Is it true he runs the station from his laptop at home. $30,000.00+ video security system and he is the only guy with a pass word? Same with the squads GPS, I heard he’s got the only password. Does the tax payers and alderman know this? WTF

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