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Man held for investigation in St. Louis officer's murder

ST. LOUIS, Mo. — State troopers held a man Tuesday night they said was driving a car wanted in connection with the killing of University City police Sgt. Michael King.They would not confirm that the driver is Todd L. Shepard, 41, said by officers here to be the only man sought for questioning in the Halloween night ambush on the Delmar Loop. The police alert for Shepard was canceled after the arrest.Sgt. Dan Green of the Missouri State Highway Patrol said the 1993 Oldsmobile Cutlass was nabbed about 2 p.m. on Interstate 70 in a rural setting in Lafayette County, near Kansas City. Green described it as a “routine traffic stop” …Read more […..]


Trick or Treat! Halloween Party! New Friend Jack

Well, Halloween has always been a big holiday with me and I am pleased to say that I think it will be for Emma too. This year she got into it and enjoyed it very much. Emma was Tinkerbell and boy did she look cute! For the last 7 years I have put a fog machine in the bushes in front of our house so that I can scare/entertain the kids who come here trick-or-treating. This year we had unbelievable weather–it was 70 degrees and completely still. The fog that I made just lingered in front of our house and eventually the entire culdesac. It looked like a movie set. The kids who came here loved it and told us so. Nonnie was here …Read more […..]