Trick or Treat! Halloween Party! New Friend Jack

Well, Halloween has always been a big holiday with me and I am pleased to say that I think it will be for Emma too. This year she got into it and enjoyed it very much. Emma was Tinkerbell and boy did she look cute!

For the last 7 years I have put a fog machine in the bushes in front of our house so that I can scare/entertain the kids who come here trick-or-treating. This year we had unbelievable weather–it was 70 degrees and completely still. The fog that I made just lingered in front of our house and eventually the entire culdesac. It looked like a movie set. The kids who came here loved it and told us so. Nonnie was here so she was able to join in the fun. Emma loved the “Smoke” and kept wanting to run into it.

Melissa and I took Emma trick-or-treating. She enjoyed it very much. Of course when the people answered their doors she became a bit shy but would talk to some–the ladies mostly. Melissa had to let her know to say trick or treat if she wanted the treats which she gladly proceeded to do. Everyone we saw loved her and her outfit.

Of course, it wouldn’t be Halloween at our house unless we had our Halloween party. After taking last year off I went all out and decorated the house and garage in my usual over the top way. This year was the first year that we started the party early and included kids. Since we are getting so old and all of our friends now have kids we thought it would be fun to include them in the party. it was a wise choice as the kids had a blast. They loved how I decorated and had lots of fun! Emma showed off her costume and got to play with all the big girls.

Emma was the youngest kid until her new friend Jack showed up. He is about a year younger than her and she didn’t really know what to make of him. She is so used to being the youngest and when she saw this little guy dressed as a lion picking up her toys and sitting in her chair she let him know who was boss…lol. She was not that bad but she did smack a balloon out of his hand and sat in her chair when she saw him going for it. He was a resilient little guy as he would fall all over the place and get knocked down and just keep getting up with not a whimper. Emma was not all bad with Jack as she would sit on the swing with him and his Mom and played like a good girl. It was good to have the kids there and I think it is the start of a new tradition.

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