Video from Kansas City Police Crash Released

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Video of a Highway 71 crash that injured two police officers was released on Tuesday.

On Sunday, the officers were in a police cruiser headed west on Gregory Boulevard when another car heading south on Highway 71 crashed into them.

The officers were responding to an emergency call at the time. Police dashboard video showed that the cruiser’s lights and sirens were sounding before they were hit.

At the intersection of Highway 71, the cruiser goes through one red light and is approaching the second one when the collision happens.

“You could hear it — you could see stuff flying from the car,” witness Aretha Raglon told KMBC’s Marcus Moore.

“We’ve been involved — we’re both injured,” the officers told dispatch. “Be advised we’re trapped in our car. Both of us.”

“When an officer gets on his radio and says he can’t get out of his car, it kind of shocks everybody,” police Capt. Donna Greenwell said.

The officers were trapped in the car for several minutes. Firefighters peeled the roof off of the cruiser to free them. Both were treated at a hospital.

The female driver of the car that hit the officers was taken into custody. Police said they suspect alcohol played a role in the crash.

The woman was driving with a suspended license, KMBC’s Micheal Mahoney reported.

“This young lady, unfortunately, will probably be facing charges for driving under the influence. She shouldn’t have been driving anyway with a suspended license,” Officer Darin Snapp said.

“I can’t understand why these cars don’t stop when they hear these police officers coming,” Raglon said.

Snapp said officers go through extensive driver training for responding to calls.

“When you’re driving Code One, you’re always two hands on the wheel and ready for anything,” Snapp said. “You never get used to it, because you never know who’s behind the wheel of other vehicles.”

Both injured officers are expected to recover.


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