"The Witch" is back again!

Over 3 months have went by since Emma saw the witch at Disney World’s live show at the Disney castle. She stopped mentioning the witch about a month ago, seemingly over the trauma and fear that the experienced had caused. Boy, was I wrong!
That experience was just hiding underneath the surface waiting for a chance to raise it’s head again!
A few days ago, we were all watching TV and playing as I began to surf the channels. I came across a famous movie that most of us grew up with and enjoy. The Wizard of Oz had just started and I didn’t think twice about checking it out. Emma really got into it. She loved the little dog Toto and Dorothy too. She really liked the Munchkins and their singing and dancing. I knew that the witch was coming but thought that since Emma was enjoying it so much she wouldn’t be fazed by it. Well, when the bad witch showed up, Emma really didn’t react at first. After a couple minutes, she started to complain a bit and I could tell she wasn’t liking the “Icky Witch.”
We changed the channel and started watching something else and every few minutes Emma mentioned the witch. The full impact of her seeing that character was realized after 3 straight nights of Emma coming in our room at 4am wanting to sleep with us.

It seems to have gotten better but it is really something to hear her talk about the green, black, icky witch with the smoke. We will not be watching any more witches…We are, however, going back to Disney in the not too distant future so we will see what happens!

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    • Anonymous
    • July 31, 2008

    I think all kids need naps until they are 4 or so.My kids all took them and it’s not only good for them but also for the person watching them,in this case you.
    Once in a while of course they may Not take one for one reason or another.

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