The Big Slide! ABCs, Ring Around the Rosie, 1st Movie at the Show! Skip to My Lou

Ever since Emma fell on her face–ouch–at the bottom of the big slide at the park she has refused to go back on…until now! I finally got her to go on the big slide with me, on my lap–Stay at Home Dad Tip- don’t be embarrassed to act like a kid!. After that time down(safe) she told me she wanted to do it herself. I walked along the stairs and stood at the bottom where she could see me. She went down with the usual WEEEEEE and once at the bottom decided that she wanted to do it again, and again, and again……..So glad that she overcame her fear.

Since Emma has been seeing the 2 girls at the park I have decided that she needs to learn some kid games since they always want to play them with her and she doesn’t really get it. We have since mastered Ring-Around-the-Rosie. She enjoys seeing Daddy fall on his but as much as she likes singing the song while circling….

This weekend we decided to take the risk that she would sit through it and took Emma to the show to see Madagascar2. How fun was it to stand in line for tickets then stand in line for popcorn! Being in that atmosphere excited her even though she didn’t know what it meant yet. Going into the theater and sitting in the big seat with popcorn and her water was very exciting for her as it was for us! once the lights went down and the previews–tons of them– came on Emma watched in amazement. When the familiar characters of Madagascar came on she watched with facial animation that was too cool. She loved eating popcorn while watching the movie and was really, really good until 2/3 through. It was just before that time when Melissa gave Emma some candy(treats). A while later, when the sugar kicked in I’m thinkin, Emma became antsy and began standing on Melissa’s lap and wanting to be by her. She also started smiling at the little girl next to me and talking to her and commenting on the movie…LOL It was funny and she was good even though she was antsy. On the way home she said she wanted to go back to the movie. It is something when you get to re-live your childhood through your kids…. Watching her brought back the excited feelings I got when I went to the movies–heck, that I still get when I go to the movies! I am thinking that we will be going to lots of movies in the future!

besides teaching Emma children’s games and ABCs I have been playing lots of nursery rhyme shows. Emma has picked up and began singing Skip to My Lou. Amazing how much of the song she actually knows! We all sing this quite often now.

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    • November 15, 2008

    What a Cutie she is!!!

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