Remembering TV Police Shows/Theme Songs

While growing up, I enjoyed police shows very much. I especially enjoyed the theme songs that came with them. Here is a great music site that I have found that has some great Police show/Theme Music.
Thinking back, it is easy to remember some of the shows/themes that I enjoyed. My favorite shows come to mind easily. Others are harder to remember but thanks to the internet and cool music sites it is easy to find Cool Police Music.

Here is a list of some cool shows that include some of my favorite shows/theme songs that were/are: SWAT, Hawaii 50, COPS, Adam 12, Baretta, Barney Miller, CHiPs, Columbo, Starsky & Hutch(My Favorite), Dragnet, Hill Street Blues, Kojak, Magnum PI, Mannix, Miami Vice, NYPD Blue, Police Woman(Was she Hot?), Rockford Files, Streets of San Francisco, Vegas, and Charlies Angels(Very hot!).

Fun to try and remember how the theme song for each of these shows goes. Some are way easier to remember than others. Some of these shows were instrumental in my interest in police work. Of course, real police work is nowhere near as exciting as these shows portrayed but what career is ever like it is portrayed on TV? Again, here is a great website to find some of these, and I am sure other, police songs.

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