PooPeeDoo!! Party, Party!

So, the other day Emma was starting to take a nap with Mama when she decided to stick her hand into the back of her diaper. She woke up Melissa saying, “Poopie on hand.” Turns out the stinker had gotten some on her hand and wiped it on the wall. She talked about the experience for several day afterward. LoL, too funny!

So this past weekend featured several parties, one on Friday and one on Sunday. Both parties were with our “new” family. First off, I have to say that the kindness, acceptance, and open arms that we have received from everyone has been truly unbelievable. I feel blessed to know that we have so many kind relatives.
Emma has gained all these relatives too and she has been enjoying it. Her newest favorite is Angelica “Jella,” her 16 year old cousin that is here from Italy. All we hear lately is Jella, Jella, Jella…..She even named one of her dolls Jella! Emma had lots of fun dancing with Jella, as well as with all the other girls and ladies… She was passed around by everyone and had a blast at both parties. The attached video was her dancing at the Sunday party which was an engagement party for my “new” niece Maria.

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    • Lani
    • August 5, 2008

    The little cutie.Kiss her for me AGAIN!I wanted to get her Beads!!!

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