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A few years ago, after much procrastinating, we purchased a Sleep Number Bed. To make a long story short, I have some back issues and could not sleep on our regular beds. I tried everything possible but always was in pain while sleeping and didn’t sleep well, etc…. We purchased the bed during Melissa’s pregnancy with Emma. It not only helped this soon to be stay at home dad but it helped her too.

I registered the bed online and after about a year was contacted by the maker of the bed, Select Comfort, who asked how I liked it. I gave my story and was contacted a short time later. They asked me to elaborate and then wanted pictures of Melissa and I for a possible TV commercial screening. We were asked if we wanted to do a screening and, initially we said no because we couldn’t get a sitter for baby Emma. We eventually rescheduled and got a sitter.
We went downtown to Chicago and felt a little like movie stars as our hair, makeup, and wardrobe were done for us. We shot what we thought was just a screening where they interviewed us in our lovely kitchen. We thought that it was a fun experience and didn’t think much more about it as nobody told us if we were going to be on TV. Until about 5 months later when we started getting calls from people all over the country telling us that they saw us on TV! We eventually saw the commercial.

This past August we received a phone call from Select Comfort. They said that they were shooting an infomercial soon and remembered us. They asked if we would be interested in flying to California to film. We jumped at the chance and they flew us, Emma and my sister Mary out there. We were treated like movie stars and we felt more so this time since we were taken to a house in Pacific Palisades that had all the trucks, equipment, and production crew there. We shot 4 scenes, 2 of which included Emma. By the way, all the women that Emma interacted with and took a liking to(Wardrobe lady, Production lady, Select Comfort lady, and makeup lady) said that they couldn’t believe that she was only 2 since she was talking like she was much older. It was a great experience for us and a fun one for Emma too!

Well, this time we were told that our infomercial would air in December and that they would provide us with copies of this and our last commercial on DVD. We were recently advised by relatives and friends from Florida, Texas, and Alabama who stated that they saw our infomercial. The other day I saw it on TV.
We did receive the DVD and I have extracted the video from it and am posting to this blog. There are 2 versions of our latest infomercial and 1 version of our previous commercial. I am posting 1 version of each commercial. Links to all 3 videos will be at the end of this post also.
Even though I may sound corny, everything I say is true!

Clips of us are located in our 1st commercial at: :30 to :37
1:04 to 1:08

Clips of us are located on the infomercial at: 1:24 to 1:28
1:42 to 1:47
11:50 to 11:54
15:17 to 16:21
25:52 to 25:56

Links to all videos are here:

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    • Aunt Carol
    • January 11, 2009

    OH MY GOSH!!! I have REAL life movie stars for family. HOW cool is this! I just finished watching your REAL commercials and am still in awe. How many people get to be in a commercial and infomercial?

    You all look and sound good and to see Emma on t.v. too was a thrill!

    Now I need your autographs…including Emma’s. I remember you telling me about the part you play basketball and were out walking, and playing with Emma on the bed. But to actually SEE it, wow, Ken, Melissa and Emma, GOOD JOB kids!

    Love ya,
    Aunt Carol

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