Orlando Trip, Fifi & Lala, Mickey & Minnie! The Witch!

We have been away for a bit on a trip to Orlando, Florida. The primary reason for the trip was for Melissa’s convention. Dada and Emma tagged along, along with Nonnie for assistance.

Now, the choice was for Melissa to go on her own with the consequence being Emma not seeing her Mama for a week. With recent experiences of Emma being away from Melissa for 2 or 3 nights and the consequences of such, we decided that Dada and Nonnie would tag along. Daddy was able to re-arrange his schedule and off we went!

Emma was able to see her cousin Lala(Lauren) and her auntie FiFi(Krissy). She last saw Lala at Christmas 2007. She last saw FiFi Christmas 2006. She picked up right where she left off with Lala. With Fifi it took just a little bit of time and then she was demanding Fifi hold her hand while walking… Too funny!

Disney’s Magic Kingdom was extremely crowded. I first thought that it was a big mistake. This lasted only until we got to the castle where there was a live show going on. There was Mickey, Minnie, Donald Duck, Goofy, The Princesses, and all the rest having a live show with singing and dancing. The look on Emma’s face was just priceless and one that I will never forget. Stay at Home Dad Tip Put memories such as these into your mental vault to use when times get tough. She was transfixed with a big smile as she watched the show. The show ended with some fireworks which Emma loved.
The Ride Its a Small World and The Merry Go Round were other favorites.

The highlight of the show was, after an hour wait in line, when Emma got to meet Mickey and Minnie Mouse at the same time. She couldn’t wait and tried to cut in front of the kids in front of her. When she finally was able to meet them she ran to them and wouldn’t stop looking back at them to get a picture taken–we got a great picture. She hugged them and they got a kick out of her as she kept saying, “Mickey & Minnie!” and grabbing their hands. She did not want to leave them and everyone there got a big kick out of her! Even Mickey & Minnie gave her a little extra attention!

A bit later, we watched another live show, the same show as earlier. Only this time we caught the whole show. We got to see the witch come out with the smoke and noise that she made. Emma watched attentively and after the witch was gone kept saying, “The witch, the witch!” Well, while driving home she kept saying this also. The witch really made an impact because 2 days later and Emma is still saying, “The witch!” Too cute!

We spent a day at the convention where Emma was able to meet all the nice people that Melissa works with. We got to try lots of different foods that are not available at the locations here, at least not yet. Emma got to meet a big Penguin and Panda–more Disney characters–and the result was the same as before. With the Panda Emma said,”Hug” and gave it a real big hug. Again, the crowd was highly impressed at how cute she was with these characters.

I think we need to come back again next year!

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    • Anonymous
    • April 28, 2008

    I agree about going next year!!!Lots of fun and thanks for taking me too.Nonnie

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