Oh Nooooooo, Santa! More Parties! Choo Choo Train

When something goes wrong, even something very minor, Emma has recently been saying, “Ohhhh Nooooooo…..” It is funny how she says it. She says it in an exaggerated manner as if she is overly concerned–too funny!

We went to 3 Christmas parties over the weekend, all on Saturday.
The first party was a company family Christmas event that featured many attractions such as elves that painted faces and made cool candy cane balloons, crafts, karaoke, a train ride, and, of course, Santa Claus! Now, last year Emma was deathly afraid of Santa and cried when Melissa brought her by him. This year Emma had several things going for her. She was there with her friend Alicia, she was a year older with more exposure to Santa at the mall and on TV, and, most importantly, Santa was giving out candy canes! Oh, those sugary sweet candy canes that Emma loves! She was actually trying to go by him ahead of other kids while watching those candy canes! Emma watched Alicia sit on his lap and then it was her turn. I was waiting for her to turn tail at the last second or to snatch a candy cane and take off but she didn’t. She sat on his lap and actually talked to him telling him that she wanted toys. She took a good picture too, don’t you think?
Emma also went on her first train ride with Alicia, another first. She has always shied away from the trains but was on a roll and in the zone this day with nothing stopping her! We got some good pics and vids of this too.

The next party was thrown by Alicia’s Grandpa. Emma is afraid of Bob ever since he just picked her up in his loud way when she was very little. Well, he tried to talk to her again and sat by her. She sat there with fear in her eyes until one of the other guests let us know what was going on. Besides Bob, Emma had fun playing with the other girls.

The last party of the day was at Emma’s aunt Lena’s. Emma had a blast playing with her cousins Gianna and Sylvana. She played with all the “big girls” and little Bella too. Of course, Emma didn’t eat hardly anything as she always does when we go to parties. Emma received lots of presents at the party and it looks like Santa has his work cut out for him in getting different gifts on Christmas day.
Emma enjoyed seeing her Aunts, Mary, Lena and Sunday. She didn’t really care for uncle Freddie as she kept saying, “I’m afraid of uncle Freddie.” Well, we didn’t leave until about 11pm. The little stinker was wound up and stayed up the whole drive home. It was a long but fun day!

Speaking of Choo Choo trains, I brought out our old battery operated train and set it up. Emma loved it. We played with it for hours until it died. Melissa picked up a new one and we played with it the next day. Emma likes to put balls in front of the train and watch it push them around the tracks. Of course, I enjoy it and feel like getting out my old electric trains. Maybe some day we will set something up in the basement.

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