New Vids Added, Wis Dells, New Words & Sayings, Favorite Movie

New vids have been added at top of 1st page. Some browsers have trouble viewing for some reason but I have found that Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox browsers work for me.
We had a recent trip to the Wisconsin Dells. Emma got to hang out with her buddyAlesha as well as Alesha’s big sister Brittany. Emma enjoyed the waterparks but was a bit overwhelmed by all the wild kids splashing and the noise. We went to a quiet area and Emma was right at home going in and out of the water. I took several vids on my cell phone and uploaded them to this site.

Emma has been picking up all of our sayings and is surprising us at random times by saying them. Here are some of them…..
“Wait a minute”
“I got it”
“My favorite”
And…My Favorite: “Hey Ken!” Yes, she heard Melissa calling me and now she sometimes calls me not by “Hey Daddy” but by “Hey Ken!” Too funny!!!!

For the last few years I have stocked up on some kids DVDs. Emma has come to like, no love, one of them. She wants to watch it everyday and seems to be engrossed in the action everytime. I am afraid that she is addicted to it now. That movie is Finding Nemo. She really loves it and passes on The Lion King, Happy Feet, Numerous Disney titles, and even her all-time favorite show, Hi5.

Emma likes to play with toys. One that she has taken a liking to is Mr. Potato Head, or as she says it, Misterbataboohead. Too cute!

Since she turned two a few months ago, Emma has become a little chatterbox. It is cool to see her expression, concentration and animation when she tries to explain something to us. She just goes on and on then changes to another subject and starts over. I am blessed to have the honor of witnessing this on a day to day basis. Although I feel somewhat constricted or contained, I couldn’t think of anything more important that I could be doing.

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    • Lani
    • June 22, 2008

    She is so cute! I like the one where she hits the camera so Funny

    • Carol
    • June 26, 2008

    Oh I haven’t seed Finding Nemo but coworkers said I “have” to see it. So if Emma likes it, I know it must be good. She is a good judge of character, and seeing her recently, made me realize how blessed you really are with her. She’s precious, and real little angel.

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