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“Disabled Illinois Police Officer’s Safety Group”

Police Officers face more safety risks after their careers are over due to making numerous arrests. Criminals target the police for various reasons; retaliation, elimination of a witness, or simple hatred of one of our own. Police Officers are subject to assaults resulting in additional bodily harm, long after they made an arrest.

Police Officers who are placed on disability from the department, often do not have the ability to use their limbs, run, or even walk fast enough from a threat or protect themselves from bodily harm. Many Police Officers who are disabled lose their ability to physically defend themselves if the day should ever come when they are faced with a life threatening situation.

“This way of life is no longer acceptable”

Effective, January 1, 2010, the “Disabled Illinois Police Officer’s Safety Group” is actively seeking a way to protect our disabled officers while they are not carried on the rolls as active and sworn officers. We are looking for political sponsors and support to help us pass legislation called the Disabled Illinois Police Officer’s Safety Act of 2010 which will allow all disabled officers the right to carry their weapons.

Please call Rosemarie ‘Ro’ Giambalvo at 815-751-7030 for additional information. We would also like to receive emails from our fellow officers currently on duty, ordinary, or occupational heart disability throughout the state of Illinois , so meeting notices may be sent.

Disabled Illinois Police Officer’s Safety Group


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