My Personal Recollections of Co-workers, Northlake is “Cleaned Up?”

I will be posting my recollections, memories, and stories of my former co-workers. I will be posting positive memories of people I worked with, was friends with and respected. I have heard that the Northlake Police chief may have been saying negative things about past officers and that he has “cleaned up” the department since he came in 1998. Well, I strongly believe that there were no “bad” officers that needed “cleaning up” in the way that it is inferred.

It is true that a past Chief was in trouble with the Feds and that he was forced out and paid the price. However, I ask this….If the department was so “bad” then why is it that the Deputy Police Chief under that past Chief is still the Deputy Chief under Police Chief Koletsos? I don’t mean to knock the Deputy Chief but if all the officers and the old Chief were “bad”  then does it not make sense that the Deputy Chief may have been too? Well, I think that the fact that the Deputy Chief was not forced out means that he must have been “good” so that must mean that the officers must have been also… Although……There were some Commanders that Koletsos kept/promoted that……Well, lets not go there..

Anyway, some fond memories will be posted soon of some very fine officers that have been labeled and have been “cleaned out.”

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