My first post…Here goes!

First of all, I would like to dedicate this to my beautiful wife and my precious daughter. Both are the love and joys of my life. Without my wife’s support I don’t think I could have made it this far! 🙂

I would like to say that my experience so far, 21 months, has been filled with many joys and challenges. I have learned that everyone should give credit to all the mothers(& fathers) that have, and continue to make the sacrifice and commitment to their children.

I have learned that it is probably the hardest and most challenging job in the world..No kidding!
The sacrifices that so many families have made to have a parent stay at home with their children and not to stick the kids in day care so that they can afford their extravagant lifestyles is to be commended.

The ills that plague society are, in my opinion, in large part due to the fact that the family structure is broken. I hear people blaming the government, other people, their jobs/bosses, corporations, political correctness, etc…for the crime rate and their problems. My bet is that the majority of these people complaining grew up in a broken home. I mean, look at all the children that grow up with no father in the house! It is a big shame.

As for our household, we made the decision to have one of us home. For the last 21 months it has been me. It would have been MUCH easier to just stick our daughter Emma in day care but I think she will be much better off having me home. We decided to make the sacrifices we need so that she will be in a safe and secure environment and that she will know that both (hear that all you workaholic Dads–& Moms) her parents love her very much .

Sure, we are not sending our 21 month-old to Montessori school, ballet, dance, swimming, yoga, speech, judo, gymnastics, ice skating, or any other type of training like so many of the one-uppers out there that like to brag how their 1 yr old has learned how to do a back flip. I know that you know someone like this! I know that I do!! I think it is extremely important that Emma enjoys being a kid. She will have plenty of time to be a serious adult.

I have been planning to write a book for awhile and I think that doing this will spur me to actually get everything down on paper. I only wish that I would have done this sooner!

I plan to report on days events and thoughts as well as look back on the last 21 months. I will share experiences, concerns and beliefs. I would also love your feedback and comments.

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    • Carol
    • January 17, 2008

    Here here to parents who make a decision to give their child the most valuable gift they can afford and that will stay with them eternally…the gift of true love, devotion and attention.
    You are so right. In this day and age parents have become so competitive in giving their child what they think is going to make them happy and that is usually material things. But they make the mistake of trading what the child needs most and will stay with them forever, for mere “things”.
    You cannot buy your childs love and self worth. It has to come from the heart. And your child will always know it and grow up with all the traits needed to be a happy, selfless, productive human being. And that will be passed on to the next generation. The world would be so much a better place if we as adults had no doubts or regrets from our younger years. It can only be instilled in our children through the nurturing of a parent, or loved one. I firmly believe the greatest asset one can carry through life is the firm belief that they were the most valuable treasured love of their parents life and not have to wonder if the parent cared more for that mercedes in the driveway, or themselves. Not to mention the time taken away to attain all those goods that are just throw aways in the end.
    Yes making a choice to give of yourself over what you think the Jone’s have, will pay off tremendously and someday when your primary job is done, your well rounded child will thank you for it!
    Aunt Carol

    • Kathy
    • January 17, 2008

    I totally agree. I am so glad you are staying home with my Goddaughter-she will have many precious memories of her childhood. Plus no constant worrying if she was with a bunch of strangers. (no matter what people say-“caregivers” will NEVER love or care for your child like you can) There is plenty of time when she is older that she can be involved in activities and social situations. (believe me someday you will wish you could hire a chauffeur to drive for all of them)

    Anyway, as stressful as it can be sometimes, you will never regret it. Kids grow SO fast and before you know it she will be grown up.

    Love Kathy

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