"My Feet are Dancing!", "Don't be Silly", "The Baby is Older", "Let me Touch Your Hair", Friends!

We have exposed Emma to music since she was a little baby. Hmmmm, wonder if she will like ’80s music when she is older–ha….. I like to dance with her as often as possible. not only will she see her Daddy having fun dancing at his old age but she will get more practice and enjoy it even more.

Sometimes, when the music is on and Emma is listening to it, she will say, “Look, my feet are dancing” and show me how her feet are bouncing to the beat. She loves to dance as it is lots of fun!

Another funny saying that she has is “Don’t be silly.” She says this to both Mommy and I and just shows how she is getting smarter and growing up faster!

Emma knows the difference between little babies and older babies and toddlers. She makes sure I know too as she will tell me that “The baby is older” when she sees an older baby on TV. She will also tell me that “Emma is older” when I ask her if she is a little baby.

Emma has an infatuation with hair. Not mine as it is too short. She loves to play with Melissa’s hair constantly. Melissa enjoys it to a point. Emma can be quite determined and sometimes she gets in the way of Mommy being able to do anything when she is constantly pulling on her hair. Emma likes to also play with her friends'(described shortly)hair much to their dismay.
Oh, did I mention that Emma likes to chew her hair now? Her hair is very long when it is wet—amazing how the curls hide her hair length.

Emma has played with many kids at the park over the last 2 summers. Not until the later part of this summer did she have “regular” friends to play with. She has gotten the adoration of 2 sisters who live nearby and play with her now. Bridgette, almost 3, and Nicole, age 5, come to the park and Emma gets way too excited when she sees them coming! They like to see her too and each one tries to get Emma to do something and at times Emma has to dis one or the other… Emma plays very well with them. They have gotten her over her sudden fear of sand–“It gets my toes dirty”– and share their snacks with her. They take gymnastics and are a bit more advanced as far as climbing up ladders and walking across park equipment ala balance beam. Emma gets motivated to try to copy them and that is a good thing in this case. Of course Emma can annoy them when she plays with their hair or throws the park mulch at them–she did this just once the last time we were there, probably because she was tired and hadn’t napped. Anyway, Emma likes these girls and it is a shame that their house is for sale–has been for over a year.

Speaking of friends, A Last week there was an “old” friend(sort of) of Emma’s at the park. Last summer there was a little asian boy named Yemi at the park all the time. Emma and him didn’t really play as he was running all over the place and she wasn’t really running yet. We haven’t seen him since last year and it was nice to see him again. He joined Emma and the girls and even shared his snacks with all of them. Emma is much taller than him now and speaks waaaay better than him too. Our little genius!!

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