J-FLED in the Sun Times

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The waves threaten to swamp the boat:

  • Chicago Police Supt. Jody Weis is a “coward” who had “cut and run” last week when he should have responded to shots fired 45 seconds away, a retired police officer charged Monday.

    More than 20 years ago, John Northen led a group of police sergeants who filed a federal lawsuit charging they were unfairly denied promotions as the result of a flawed lieutenants exam.

    Now, Northen has filed a complaint with the Independent Police Review Authority, forwarded to the inspector general’s office, accusing Weis of “failing to take appropriate police action” during the news conference Friday in crime-ridden Englewood.

We state the following – the excuses provided to the Sun Times reek of unfiltered bullshit.
  • The contention that the shooting was “ten minutes old” is laughable as how Weis and his entourage can be seen on a portion of tape reacting to the shooting. They should have gone at that instant toward the gunfire. Instead? “Got to run!”
  • Unit were on the scene? So what? Was a slow down given? If so, then officers are supposed to safely proceed to the scene obeying all applicable traffic laws and monitoring the radio for flash messages in case a description is broadcast. After the previous night when “brazen” gangbangers fired shots in the direction of two or three dozen police officers, you’d think that the Superintendent of Police would proceed as rapidly as possible to another shooting scene that was probably 30 seconds away.
  • The scene was secured? Again, that didn’t matter the previous night – the bangers shot at a location where there were unmistakably a large group of police officers. And wouldn’t it have made sense to just about every so-called “boss” to make an appearance at the scene of yet another shooting where upwards of 10 people had been shot the previous night? Rally the troops. Photo-op. Pretend concern for your subordinated possibly coming under fire yet again.
Time for J-FLED to go. It will lead to a bloodbath at 35th Street as scores are settled, policy groups are disbanded and returned to midnight shifts, gold stars are made and broken along with staffs, and Masters being forced to use his Harvard degree to write wills and real estate closings, but you know what? Better it be a symbolic one at HQ than a real life bloodletting on the streets due to a complete breakdown of the Department order.

Cops cannot be expected to risk their lives for an ungrateful public when their “leadership” is only looking out for themselves anyway.

…Worth a Thousand Words

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