Happy Independence(From Tyranny) Day!

Reflecting on the significance of this day reminds me of the sacrifices that were made in creating this great country. We should all never forget those sacrifices that were made, and continue to be made, on our behalf. We benefit from those sacrifices and, unfortunately, many people take them for granted. With that in mind, Happy July 4th!!

Speaking of tyranny. I am reminded of my previous employer. The nonsense continues there and, unfortunately, many fine people are negatively affected. All I can say is that they need to hang in there or move on. Moving on, for me, was difficult at first. I did not miss the particular police department but policing in general. With the birth of our daughter and other circumstances I have happily moved on and am able to look back at things and laugh.

Laugh at the guy who claimed to be the “toughest guy on the department.” Look in the mirror loser, everyone talks behind your back. You are not all that!
Laugh at the guy who kisses his butt day after day to get ahead.
Laugh at the person who has pictures of the police chief on her screensaver(Can you believe this?)
Laugh at the goofy police chief that doesn’t tell her to take the screensaver off(arrogant, pompous, self-centered little man)
Laugh at the immature idiot(who actually had a failing score on the written test) who commented on my wife, my stay at home dad status, and his car(like I care what kind of car you drive you dumbass)And, believe me, $70,000/yr is not a lot of money like you think.
Laugh at the guy who does a great job, claims to be your friend, has inside knowledge of all the unethical actions being taken yet says not a word. Hello, a leak here and there?
Laugh at the short, little mayor who is a clone of the short, little chief.
Laugh at all the former and current aldermen and alderwomen that think they are so important in the grand scheme of things.
Laugh at all of the goofy political goings on of a little town in need of an enema.

I do not laugh at all the good people who were screwed in one way or another by this highly ethical, totally moral and professional town. Of course, it was a small group of veterans that were at fault. Is this still the case?

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    • Anonymous
    • July 12, 2008

    I just got a message, their changing the mics can I fill in.
    Ok this is something called let it roll.

    • Anonymous
    • July 13, 2008

    I have one idea, why not work for change? Lets run our guy for mayor. We have time and so does he. He is soon to be on pension so why not?

    Lets stop the harping and start the working.

    Earl for 2009!

    • Anonymous
    • July 16, 2008

    Go to Iraq if your so tough.
    Remember mission accomplished 2003.

    • Anonymous
    • July 18, 2008

    Holy shit Batman
    The Tribune quotes Second city cop blog July 11, 2008

    • Anonymous
    • July 21, 2008

    In the beginning
    Good always overpowered the evils of all Northlake’s sins……
    But in time the employees grew weak and other cities fell to slums while evil stood strong
    In the dust of hell lurked the blackest of hates for he whom you feared(Koletsos) awaited them…….
    Now many many lifetimes later lay destroyed, beaten, beaten down, Only unions of rebels ashes of dreams and black dots stained streets
    It has been written “Those who have the strong unions have the future”
    So come now Northlake employees be strong and shout at the devil.


    Get the Teamsters

    • Anonymous
    • July 30, 2008

    Never forget the victims:
    On April 26, 2003, Tacoma Washington chief of police David Brame shot his wife and then killed himself in Gig Harbor, Washington. His wife died from injuries a few days later.
    Tacoma population around 200,000.

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