Does Officer Off on FMLA Have to Go to Court?

Here is an interesting lawsuit, yes another one against the fine City of Northlake Illinois and Police Chief Dennis Koletsos.
Brings up the question of whether an Officer who is off on FMLA have to go to court when subpoenaed?
Without knowing the specifics in this case, it sounds like this officer refused to go to court while off on FMLA and was eventually fired.
Does this officer have a good case? We will see…

Case filing info:

Rasic v. City of Northlake et al
Plaintiff: Daniel Rasic
Defendant: City of Northlake, Dennis A Koletsos, City of Northlake Police and Fire Commission, Roberta Larson, Manuel Ferra and Gary Merchant

Case Number: 1:2008cv00104
Filed: January 7, 2008

Court: Illinois Northern District Court
Office: Chicago Office [ Court Info ]
County: Cook
Presiding Judge: Honorable John W. Darrah

Nature of Suit: Labor – Other Labor Litigation
Cause: 28:1331 Federal Question
Jurisdiction: Federal Question
Jury Demanded By: Plaintiff

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    • Anonymous
    • July 14, 2008

    “Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth”.


    • Anonymous
    • July 21, 2008

    July 10, 2008
    Former Deputy Chief of Staff
    Karl Rove refused to acknowledge his Congressional Subpoena.
    At issue C.I.A leaks of an agent.

    • Anonymous
    • July 25, 2008

    See the movie The Fog of War 2003 best Documentary feature. Training for this week.

    True story

    • Anonymous
    • July 25, 2008

    Private Joker- Sir, the private believes that any answer he gives will be wrong and the senior drill instructor will beat him harder if he reverses himself, sir.
    Gunnery Sergeant Hartman-
    Private Joker is silly and he’s ignorant, but he’s got guts, and guts is enough. Now, you ladies carry on!

    Full Metal Jacket

    • Anonymous
    • August 11, 2008

    Dennis I believe this is the first time you had an Officer fight and not resign.
    I hope this town knows that he can come back after this is all said and done.
    I read the motion with the part that said I have people filling in for you. Wasn’t that your fault with all the turn over. Why is it an officer’s fault? Did this officer Rasic run the shift or did you Chief Koletsos. I read some of the other commits and you had a Det. leave a desk job so you can punish someone from the street. All I can say from the northside is fuck you.

    19 Paul

    • Anonymous
    • August 13, 2008

    Formation of new law:
    Chief Koletsos qualified immunity motion to dismiss denied.
    This issue was never decided in our jurisdiction.
    Big thank you to
    Daniel Rasic.


    • Anonymous
    • August 16, 2008

    I just seen the motion.
    I heard you guys did not even support a fellow officer with a child born in danger of her life.
    Is it all rookies in this department?
    Please someone answer this one I’ve been a cop for 25 years and nothing comes close to this.

    • Anonymous
    • August 17, 2008

    Dan the way you keep your job with Koletsos is to cry in his office.
    I’ve heard many officers do this when they fuck up.
    I know many of them are pussies and your not but that’s the way you keep your job. The ego of Dennis is large.

    24 and 8

    • Anonymous
    • August 18, 2008

    Roberta Larson eat a sandwich you fat bitch.
    Chief Koletsos can’t get another job as chief anywhere.

    • Anonymous
    • December 4, 2008

    Did this Chief even find out what the problem was at home with this officer before going after him?

    • Anonymous
    • December 5, 2008

    Simpson stop smoking in the court house its federal law you skinny little fuck.

    • Anonymous
    • December 13, 2008

    No comment

    James Bond

    • Anonymous
    • December 16, 2008

    Back in Black

    • Anonymous
    • January 4, 2009

    Can not force someone into court unless your the Judge. All the rest tampers with the correct verdict.

    Read the law

    19 Paul

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