Wisconsin Tries to Get Tough on Drunken Driving

MILWAUKEE (April 27) — A Wisconsin lawmaker has been jailed for his third DWI conviction — in a state with the nation’s highest rate of drunken driving, some of the weakest laws against it and a list of lawmakers convicted of it. State Rep. Jeff Wood, an independent from rural Chippewa Falls, reported to the Columbia County jail Monday to start his 45-day sentence, days after his fellow lawmakers voted to censure him when a vote to expel him from the Assembly failed. “There’s almost a wink-wink attitude about this here,” Nina Emerson, director of the Resource Center on Impaired Driving at the University of Wisconsin Law …Read more […..]

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It Was Like a "War Zone" in Wisconsin

I remember hearing about this but only after reading the details provided by those that were there does the reality of this incident set in. Thank goodness that nobody was killed and kudos to the great job these officers did!SWAT Officerwith Lt. Dan Marcou One of the officers at the scene in Richland County, Wisconsin said it was “like a war zone.” The scene was reminiscent of the SLA shootout in Los Angeles, except this gun battle took place around the crest of a hill, on the wooded, junk-littered property of a self-proclaimed survivalist named Robert C. Bayliss.It all started during the afternoon of March 31, …Read more […..]

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