Arizona Police

Dear Concerned Citizen:

You probably saw that the state of Arizona passed a very tough anti-illegal immigration recently.  This new law will strengthen law enforcement’s ability to identify, arrest and detain those who are in this country illegally. I support this new law 100%.  Even before this law was passed, I was the only law enforcement official in this state enforcing all the laws that our federal and state legislatures put in place to combat illegal immigration and human smuggling. Because I have taken the lead over the years by enforcing existing state and federal laws against illegal immigration, I have become …Read more […..]

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Mexican Drug Cartel Threatens Nogales, AZ Police Officers with Snipers

What is the US Government waiting for??? Wake up America!!!! …Read more […..]

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Arizona police rescue man from oncoming train

This kind of thing happens all the time but the media mostly publicizes the bad news. Watch the latest news video at

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